What Is the Importance of Detoxing From an Addiction?

What Is the Importance of Detoxing From an Addiction?

For many people who are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, detoxing seems like the end game. If this is your outlook on concluding your drinking and drug-using career, what you need to know is cessation is just the beginning of living a sober life beyond your wildest dreams — you just need to get the ball rolling, and the first place to start is with a safe detox


Drugs and alcohol have to leave the body for addiction recovery to take place. Your alcohol or drug consumption is most likely at a very high level, which could be dangerous to attempt going cold turkey on your own.

With withdrawal symptoms causing the most problems, you should get assistance to manage your withdrawal process when you decide to stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol. 


You could experience a seizure.

Once you remove the substances that you are addicted to from your body, it could go into shock and seize up. Although some drugs may only cause uncomfortable symptoms or intense anxiety, drugs can still cause seizures depending on the type, length of time used, and the amount consumed.

Alcohol also causes grand mal seizures which can ultimately lead to death. There is no warning before seizures happen, so having a supervised detoxification process can help make life easier, and just may save your life. 


You could experience severe dehydration.

Drugs and alcohol are synonymous with creating dehydration in the body. Drugs can cause frequent urination, diarrhea, or vomiting, which can generate dehydration in the body.

Plus, skin can overly sweat due to the effects of drugs without proper hydration from water and electrolytes. Being under the influence can keep someone from taking care of themselves in lieu of maintaining their high or drunkenness.  


Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol is no joke. You really should find a place to detox that can evaluate you so they can stabilize your withdrawals and give you the ability to start your recovery as soon as possible.  


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