Do I Need Anger Management?

Do I Need Anger Management?

Times may occur when you find your anger getting out of control with no resolution to stop. Addiction, along with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can cause you to become violent or overly angry.

Patterns in your behavior can begin to indicate that you not only suffer when you drink and use, but your self-esteem and doubtfulness can also bring you down into despair. 


There are many factors, such as trauma and abuse, that can cause your anger to escalate as a coping mechanism. When you start feeling that you are not in control of your emotions and “start seeing red,” you can use these indicators to see if you need anger management to contain your fury. 


What are the indicators?

Over-the-top aggravation is the initial sign to consider getting help for your anger. Struggling to compromise with others or not being able to express your emotions in a calm manner are reasons to check with a healthcare professional.

Holding grudges and refusing to speak to others is also another indicator that you need anger management to start interacting with others in a positive manner. You may not even be hurting anyone but yourself with self-infliction when your anger turns out of control.

If you are demonstrating extreme anger and violent behaviors while you are using and/or drinking, you may need a combination of addiction recovery and anger management to help you through. Do not let feeling embarrassed or feeling like a failure keep you from getting the help you need. 


What happens in anger management?

The expectations of what you think anger management is could keep you from getting the assistance you need. Anger management classes will provide strategies to help you manage anger in situations where you would normally explode.

Some cases may also have a need for individual therapy if trauma or abuse is an underlying cause for the anger in the first place. These healthcare professionals are trained to guide you without causing you shame and guilt.

Their main focus is to equip you with anger coping mechanisms.  The hope is that you can reduce the anger and aggression in your life so you can live a more productive and joyful life.


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