Staying Sober on Cinco de Mayo

Staying Sober on Cinco de Mayo

Now that March and April have been canceled due to a global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, ironically the next holiday in May, Cinco de Mayo is often sponsored by the beer, Corona. Since May 5th is often associated with Mexican food, tequila, beer, and drugs, you need to know that this is just another day that you can stay sober un día a la vez or one day at a time.


Even though the bars may not be open on Cinco de Mayo this year, you still might have the urge to go to the liquor store and have your own fiesta. Whether this is your first sober Cinco de Mayo, or you are in fear by being reminded of the isolation in your addiction, you must believe you can stay sober. All you need is to be reminded of some recovery measures to assist you along the way


Call Someone

This is how recovery started in the first place: one person talking to another person to help them comprehend what addiction is and how to cope with it. Even if you already know these aspects of recovery, talking to someone else will change your perspective. Inquiring about someone else stops you from thinking about yourself for a time while you are being of service to them. Picking up the 1,000-pound phone also breaks up your thought process of drinking or using and gives you the ability to remember why you are sober in the first place. 


Attend a Meeting

Although recovery meetings are a little different now, you can find virtual meetings at any time of the day. Ask to be added to groups on social media that can direct you to meetings online or call your 12-Step program’s central office to ask how you can join in on these online meetings.

Obviously, seeing someone on a screen is not as personal as face-to-face. Still, being a part of recovery in any capacity can keep you focused on remaining sober instead of feeling like you need to drink and use on a special occasion. 


Cinco de Mayo may have been your day to get inebriated with your friends. Now is the time to change that tradition and start celebrating your recovery! You will be pleasantly surprised to find that sobriety means that you can still have fun and have a beautiful life or una vida hermosa.  


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