Can I Break the Cycle From My Family of Origin?

Can I Break the Cycle From My Family of Origin?

Maybe you grew up in a household where drinking and using was as important as eating and sleeping. While this type of environment may seem crazy to others as a way of life growing up, for you this was normal until you were old enough to understand the unhealthy habits your parents had.

Once you could comprehend the gravity of what you were dealing with, you probably either decided that you would never be like them or you proceeded to join in all the “fun.”


If you chose the latter route and are just getting sober, you may be wondering how you can break away from your past and start fresh. Knowing that your “normal” is not how you want to live any longer can be difficult to embrace because change is not always an easy alternative to face.

One thing that is certain is that people in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction are some of the most resilient humans there are. You, too, can make the necessary changes that need to take place in your recovery to break the cycle. You simply need to start now.


Get Help

There are tons of resources to help you change from what you once knew into a brand new perspective. Rehabilitation facilities, 12-Step programs, and therapy are all waiting for you to accept the assistance that they will provide.

Not only will you recover from addiction, but you can also change your behavior along with the way you think to break the cycle. Doing a complete 180 degrees in recovery by asking for help will save your life and make it more fulfilling in the process.


Find Support

Finding the people in your life that give you hope, resolution, and joy is a win-win. The people who you drank and used with, including your family of origin, were not capable of giving you the full encouragement you needed.

Being under the influence inhibits people from really being present in the way that you need them to be. Discovering new friends in your recovery program will give you the support and the wisdom you need to break the cycle and stay sober. 


You cannot change your family of origin but you can change the dynamics that surround your sober life. What might happen once you break the cycle for yourself is that you could be the shining example that your loved ones need to make changes in their own life.  


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