Does Virtual Therapy Even Work?

Does Virtual Therapy Even Work?

In today’s digital era of having everything virtual, therapy has become no different. Virtual therapy is a newer platform to help those who need therapy to get the assistance they need.

Waiting weeks to get an appointment, scared of not connecting with a therapist, and the hefty costs often deter people from even starting therapy. 


Reasons for Virtual Therapy

The real travesty for those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues is when they cannot receive the therapy they need for long term relief. Another aspect to consider is that people with addiction or mental health issues may not make it out of their house due to home incarceration or not having the strength, or the energy, to leave.

With these types of situations happening more and more, everyone should have the ability to gain the therapeutic tools they need for recovery and health.  


Sources for Virtual Therapy

Known sources of virtual therapy, such as Talkspace and The Difference, are taking therapy to another level by using technology to their advantage. These platforms have literally given therapy a digital voice by simply saying something to the effect of, “Alexa! Get me Therapy!”

In 2019, virtual therapy started popping up, and in 2020, the global pandemic pushed this type of therapy into a new dimension of necessity. Rather than just being at home and suffering, you could turn your home couch into a virtual couch in a therapist’s office.     


Method for Virtual Therapy

Digital mental health is a way to take what therapy researchers have found and put the information in a format for more people to access on their phones or on the web. The main benefit of virtual therapy is that there is an expanded reach to meet people wherever they physically are.

Breaking the barriers of convenience, without breaking confidentiality, can give people immediate help before they relapse or cause self-harm. While some may be concerned about their privacy and security, HIPPA laws still have to be adhered to.

Digital platforms assuredly state that patients will be protected with the same level of confidentiality as if they were in a therapist’s office or any other healthcare office across the country. 


Virtual Therapy will not work for everyone and sometimes the deeper issues might be better broken down face to face. The benefit that virtual therapy will have on patients is that they have something to help them right at their fingertips and possibly give them the starting point they have been searching for.


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