Tips to Stop Cravings Before They Start


Part of getting sober is trying to do whatever you can to keep withdrawal at bay and stop those pesky cravings. You never know when a craving will come up and scare you enough to think that you may need to drink or use in order to stop it. Addiction is part of your subconscious so when fear pops up, your first response is drugs and alcohol. When you start experiencing nostalgia and romanticizing your days of using, your first thought is probably about how fun drinking and using was. Anything, really, can remind you of drinking or using because drug and alcohol addiction had a big effect on your life. 


Now that your sobriety is your number one priority, you are done with experiencing cravings and want to give them the boot altogether. The only problem with that theory is that addiction is not curable so cravings can come back in full force at any time. You just have to be ready for them when you experience them next in order to dismiss them rather than acting on them. 


Use Mindfulness

There is a technique in mindfulness called surfing the urge. Instead of fighting your craving, you pretend that you’re riding on a surfboard to understand the rise and fall of the craving. These alternating sensations that surround your craving can give you a better idea of how to deal with the mental and physical aspects as they come up and go back down.


Use Distraction

Whenever you have a craving, find an activity to divert your attention to something else. Typically with cravings, you will find that getting rid of them at the moment is half the battle and the other half of the battle is not giving into them. Distraction is the best scenario to do away with cravings from both ends of the spectrum. Go to a recovery meeting. Find a hobby. Be of service. Talk to a therapist. Use self-care to your advantage. Be productive in the midst of the craving so that you do not have to suffer in their grip.


Cravings may come around when you are least expecting them. Knowing what to do when they do turn up will benefit your recovery that much more. Your addiction has already wasted enough of your time. Refuse to let your addiction have power over you any longer by eliminating cravings as they flare-up. 


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