Esteemable Acts: Finding a Hobby

Finding a hobby

Many people in recovery have no idea what they like to do anymore now that they are sober. Since drinking alcohol and using drugs became their number one activity, they lost interest in everything else worthwhile to them. Drugs and alcohol change the chemistry in the brain, which also changes how an individual perceives life even after they’ve gotten sober. What used to appeal to them may not interest them anymore. They may stop pursuing hobbies altogether because they become discouraged and have no idea what they like. Isolation often becomes the activity they use until they realize there are other options available.

Once in recovery, life begins to open up. An individual may be willing to try new sober activities and rediscover old hobbies. A hobby is an activity in which someone finds pure joy that is not an occupation or tied to a vocation. Finding a hobby can make life more fun, but they can also make your life more gratifying and enhance your sobriety.

You will have more fun.

Recovery has to be the highest priority, although you were meant for more. Meetings, step work, and service work are significant, but so is your leisure time. There is more out there for you to discover that will strengthen your recovery. Start by pursuing some fun with a hobby.

You will find more meaning.

If you have not found your purpose yet, getting a hobby may provide some direction in your life. Sobriety has to come first, but more can be revealed by looking at what you find exhilarating. For example, if you love looking at beautiful flowers, maybe you would like to garden. If you enjoy strategizing and thinking critically, you could take up chess to improve your analytical skills. The sky is the limit at this point in your recovery. You should seek activities that increase your sense of wellness mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Finding a hobby may seem lame in the scheme of things now that you are not drinking or using. Do not knock it until you try it. You may see how a pleasurable hobby could be the missing piece that augments your recovery.

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