How to Deal with Family Afterward

Deal With Family

Once you get out of rehab or put some sober days together, you may believe that life will quickly resume once again with your family. While this may be true for some families, other families may have a harder road to travel when it comes to healing relationships. During the throes of your addiction, you may not have realized the destruction you were causing due to blackouts and denial. If you want to reconnect with the family afterward, you can. You just may need to take a few aspects into consideration as you attempt to reconcile.

Give them time

You may be ready to make everything right, but it takes time. Let your family prepare for your new relationship in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Instead of demanding they be part of your life again, allow them to come around in their own time. They will be more receptive to your reconciliation if you engage on their terms, rather than forcing them to let you run the show once more.

Give them reason

With all the work you are doing in your recovery program, you will learn recovery principles that will help you mend fences with your family. If you are kind, loving, honest, and considerate, they will see the changes and be more apt to let you back in. You probably spent more time than you wished behaving destructively. Now, take time to demonstrate to them how you behave in your recovery. Walk the walk instead of talking the talk, and you will provide them with more reason to believe you are different.

Give them understanding

As you want them to accept your new way of life, you must accept that your old way of life has hurt them. Extend them the same respect you wish to receive by granting them understanding and compassion. You cannot make someone forgive or respect you. All of that has to be earned. Keep putting your recovery first, and they should start seeing you in a new light. Treat them the way you want to be treated, and you will come out better for it in the end.

Family is an essential aspect of life, and without them, you will likely feel incomplete. Take time to heal the family afterward in a way that is appropriate for everyone. Try therapy or working the 12-Steps to get the answers and the healing measures you need. Your sober comeback will show your family how meaningful they are to you.

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