Will I Ever Be Able to Change My Inner Dialogue?

Inner Dialogue

The discourse in your head is probably rated R for reprehensible. You talk to yourself worse than you would ever allow anyone else to talk to your loved one or even yourself. The dialogue in your head is really negative, which ironically leaves you feeling like it will be impossible to change your thoughts. Remembering the shame of your past becomes a dangerous loop of thinking, which can be challenging to escape. Knowing that you went down of the path of destruction is something that makes you feel bad daily.

When you get into enough pain, you will change, especially if you can see a way to improve. Recovery is a beautiful thing because it allows you to look at what you perceive to be shortcomings and get rid of them or change them into a strength. By changing the way your inner dialogue runs through your head, you can be kinder to yourself, and confident in your recovery.

Practice Daily Affirmations

Talking to yourself may sound kooky. The truth is that your thoughts follow your actions, so if you tell yourself positive sentiments daily, you can hopefully start affirming them. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us” is a phrase used to toughen people up. Words are powerful, and you can use them to your advantage by changing your character and inner dialogue.

Practice Kindness

“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” they said. Well, if you treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you, start by being kind to yourself. One kind word can change someone’s day, even if that someone is you. You deserve kindness just like everyone, and compassion for yourself will prove to be extremely rewarding.

Altering the way you think can help you feel better and improve your recovery. Your addiction wants you to believe you are weak-minded. It seeks to control your thoughts and convince you to relapse. Your addiction centers in your mind, and beating your addiction starts with the ideas you allow yourself to think, and more importantly, what you believe about yourself.

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