How Can I Have Heart in Recovery?

How Can I Have Heart in Recovery?

People in recovery have their own language, which has been coined the “Language of the Heart”. Ironically, those who have made their way into the rooms of recovery are there because they were searching for love and acceptance in the bottom of a bottle, or through the use of mind-altering drugs. Many of them have not felt unconditional love because they have been rejected, abused, abandoned, and started self-medicating to cope.

To find love in recovery is not what they are looking for, nor the point of their arrival. They are just looking to get the monkey off their back so they can hopefully learn how to control their drinking and using. What they found instead is love and tolerance that is readily offered if they choose to receive it.

Heart Takes Experience

Showing heart in recovery is extremely important, although this is a learned behavior for someone recovering from drugs and alcohol. Learning to become equipped with this centralized emotion that develops from unity and acceptance can take some time. You will most definitely find your heart through personal experience if you surround yourself with others in recovery.

Heart Takes Compassion

When you think of the heart, you think about love, caring, empathy, and understanding for others. The universal sign for all these feelings is the two curved tops and the “V” that connects to the bottom, which relates very much to recovery. Most people come out of addiction badly mangled and need some kindness to push them to recover from drugs and alcohol. By showing heart, you can give them hope they are making the right decision.

To become connected to anything you are interested in, you must show heart, and recovery is no different. Allow others to love you until you can love yourself, and you will be pleased with the results. Recovery is all about becoming vulnerable, and receiving love is one of the most vulnerable emotions that you can let yourself feel. Love makes the world go around and when you can speak the language of the heart, you can really see the importance of having the heart to go further in life and in recovery.

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