Esteemable Acts: Being On-Time

Esteemable Acts: Being On-Time

Getting sober allows people to look back at what they did before and make changes. Life skills often have to be relearned and implemented to assist in staying sober. You may be wondering what life skills have to do with sobriety, but they are vital. Doing the right thing does not come naturally for someone who has been struggling with an addiction.

Alcohol and drugs poison the mind, body, and soul to alter the attitude and perception that is not conducive to living a sober lifestyle. One of the ways that you can be your own worst enemy is by being chronically late. Even though you may not intend to be late, you may find yourself late at every turn.

Although others in your life may see your tardiness as a sign of disrespect, your lateness is more about not organizing your time and being relaxed about meeting time requirements. If history has shown that being late has caused you a slew of problems, you may want to consider putting these tips into action to help you be on-time more often.

Why Are You Late?

By looking at the reasons you are late, you can gain some insight on how to stop being late. Jot down why you think you are always late and expand on the reasons big or small. Journaling can help you pinpoint how to improve on the aspects that make you miss out on the beginnings of everything.

You should put yourself in the place of the others who are waiting for you. Quite possibly, you would see how being late wastes everyone’s time and relays a feeling of insignificancy.

How Do I Stop Being Late?

There are a few ways to motivate yourself to get away from being tardy. Make plans to arrive early, so in the event, you are running late, you have padded yourself with enough time to make it on-time. Set your clock forward 6-10 minutes to get into the groove of getting wherever you are at the correct time.

Plus, if you lay out your clothes or other items you will need the night before, you will save yourself from scrambling around to find what you need in a pinch. By asking yourself these questions, you could change the problems surrounding your delays for being on-time.

Of course, your ability to make changes will not just happen. You will better alter this defect by giving yourself kindness with the outlook of progress and not perfection. Your job, your relationships, and your recovery meetings will be impressed with your efforts to be on-time, and your recovery will gain strength from your discipline.

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