Do I Care Enough to Gain the Confidence of Others in Recovery?

Do I Care Enough to Gain the Confidence of Others in Recovery?

One person struggling with alcoholism or addiction, helping another who is struggling with the same condition, is the cornerstone of recovery. Gaining the confidence of others who can relate to what you have been through is part of the process of keeping you sober. Being of service to others who need help is all about giving back and will also help you to understand your program better.

Although you may not think you are qualified to speak about recovery or even want to, your service work will go a long way. Taking the time to gain the confidence of others is crucial for your long-term sobriety, but what you need to know is what you will gain back when you care.

You Gain Self-esteem

Talking about what you have done to stay sober is vital for recovery. By realizing that recovery is necessary to stay sober, you will start taking the actions to keep you there. Working the 12-Steps, attending therapy, and being of service are all ways that your self-esteem will improve. If you only talk the talk, you will stay stuck. If you walk the walk, there will be tons of altering factors that will come about from taking the fundamental action recovery suggests.

In doing this, your insides will explode with determination, self-worth, and spiritual intuitiveness. You will understand the importance of recovery and convey it to someone else who is struggling. Your confidence, along with your story, could be the deciding factor to get them to try and to possibly stay.

You Gain Assurance

Giving back to the program and others lead the way for recovery to carry on. Knowing that you have a place to come to be edified, inspired, and motivated to keep going is what kept you coming back, and now you can return the favor. Carrying the message is everyone’s job, and you can be an example of that.

Knowing that you are doing your part to keep recovery alive gives you a primary purpose. One person addicted to drugs and alcohol, gaining the confidence of someone addicted to drugs and alcohol, is how recovery started, so it is important to ensure that recovery lives on for generations to come.

You Gain Insight

Sharing what it was like and what it is like now is essential for survival in recovery. This helps you to reconcile how wonderful life is now that you are not using and drinking, but also relaying to someone else the hope of recovery. Allowing them to see the transformation of where you are today lets them know they have another chance at life just like you did. The more you talk about recovery, the more you will understand the crux of the program to ensure that you can continue to stay sober one day at a time.

You Gain Ownership

For anything to stick, there must be a sense of urgency to complete the task. Having ownership in recovery means that you are taking on more responsibility. To ensure tenure, one day at a time, you must live to stay. Every part of you should want to quit drinking and using so you can start living in the solution and giving of yourself to gain the confidence of others. Putting yourself in this role is the most loving and tolerant place for you to be.

No one can gain the trust of another without having the relatable experience and understanding to put themselves in their shoes. Having the same background of shame and guilt puts you both on the same playing field of acceptance and ability to help one another.

You Gain Purpose

Not knowing what you were meant to do in life can make you bored or discontented. Even if you have a job, you may not feel inclined to put all your passion into what you do. Helping someone in recovery to gain confidence is something that you have all the ability and knowledge in the world to carry out. All you have to do is share your experience, strength, and hope with someone who needs to hear what you have to say to grasp an understanding of your purpose. Nothing more is required than to tell your story, which you already know.

Using something that may be so shameful to help someone else to get sober, will show you that your past endeavors are something that can win their confidence faster than anything else can. You probably did not come into recovery wanting to help others and gain their confidence even though that is what you will feel inclined to do. People helped you when you came into the program and to give back so freely what was given to you is what makes the recovery world go round. When you jump into service, you are buying recovery insurance to remain sober one day at a time.

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