Going Back to Rehab After a Relapse

Going Back to Rehab After a Relapse

As someone strives to get sober, there are times they endure a bump in the road. When life gets rocky, instead of picking up their tools, they will reach for a drug or a drink to cope. In doing so, they suffer a relapse without knowing what will happen next.

A relapse brings about shame and guilt that keep someone from getting the help they need because of their unresolved feelings of pride and ego. If you have relapsed, you may view this relapse as a reason to run away in a weak moment. By seeking the help you need at rehab, even if you have been there before, you are mustering more strength than you may realize.

You Are Surrendering

Surrender takes courage. Showing back up at rehab is an extremely brave act. You are halting your headlong momentum by letting the necessary discipline get you to where you need to go. Surrendering means that you are giving up control to another method to stop the insanity you have been encountering for so long.

You Are Willing

All you need is a mustard seed of willingness to get you moving forward in your recovery. As you plant the seeds of your recovery, you can watch them grow into something beautiful that you probably never expected. Your willingness will take you far and keep you coming back.

You Are Accepting

Sobriety is a gift that will move you towards acceptance if you are ready to do the work. You cannot use the experience of your last recovery verbatim. You will have to accept some new direction, willingness, and surrender to start anew. Set aside what you think you know, and you will see a different way of doing things that will give you the fresh start you deserve.

You may feel like you failed because you relapsed but think of this as another fantastic opportunity to stay sober this time. These things happen, and you should be grateful that you are still alive. You deserve this second chance, so take it and make the best of the blessings you will find in your recovery by using rehab as your means to long-term sobriety.

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