Will I Ever Find Love in Recovery?

Will I Ever Find Love in Recovery?

The loneliness that can occur from being single in recovery can be challenging to understand, especially after the suggestion of waiting one year. You may be wondering when you will find someone special, and why is it taking so long? You understood that it took time with your sobriety, and it will also take time to find love.

Love Is Patient

Taking your time to find a healthy person is imperative. The reason for the one-year suggestion is to start living in the new patterns you are learning instead of going back to your old ways. Recovery is all about making changes. If you are patient to let these changes engulf your life and filter into your relationship, you will be better.

Your relationship will be better for it. The usual thought of “love is patient” is how you act with someone, but if you add patience before the relationship ever exists, you will be allowing the spiritual principles to be present in your life.

Love Is What You Do

Your actions will say more about you than what you say out loud. Do things that are quality acts so that you can learn to love yourself. Without loving yourself first, you will not be able to love anyone else genuinely. Meditate, listen to inspirational podcasts, exercise, or sign up for a dating app. Do something that will create a positive love language within yourself to show your confidence in recovery.

Love Is Not Everything

Anything you put before your recovery, you will lose. This reason is why you must put your recovery even over a new love interest. Yes, you may be excited, but if you start abandoning recovery measures to be with them, you will suffer, and so will your relationship. You are becoming a better version of yourself in recovery, and that will also make your relationship better than ever.

You did not get sober to be alone for the rest of your life. Everything is going according to a bigger plan that you need to have faith in. The more you go with the flow instead of forcing a relationship to happen, the more valuable the relationship will be. Love is worth the wait, and so are you. Enjoy the time you have with complete freedom because the dynamics will change when adding someone into your life, and you do not want to regret taking your singleness for granted.

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