Esteemable Acts: Journaling

Esteemable Acts: Journaling

Part of staying sober is filling up your time with better activities that do not revolve around drinking alcohol or using drugs. Rather, spending your time with esteemable acts will give you an opportunity to learn how to distract yourself with things that will improve your confidence in your recovery. A beautiful and creative outlet to formulate your thoughts about life is journaling.

The thoughts that swarm your head need to be let out, or else they could turn into something negative that could overtake you. You think faster than you can talk, but when you put pen to paper, you can slow those thoughts down to process everything inside.

Journaling Improves Your Mood

When you write about your fears and your resentments, you are letting the power out of negativity. You got sober to enjoy life, and journaling is an excellent technique to let go of all the negativity you are feeling.

Journaling Reduces Stress

Think about the millions of thoughts floating in your head, including negative ones that stress you out. By taking the time to write out some of the things you are thinking, you can better organize your thoughts and get rid of them or take some action. Either way, you are dispelling your concerns in a proper medium to work them out.

Journaling Relieves Your Emotions

You probably have around 45 thoughts per minute, which can be too hard to coordinate at times. Equate that to trying to express yourself with the ups and downs that keep flooding your thoughts and emotions. Journaling can help you to let out your feelings so you can move on.

The great thing about journaling is all you need is a writing utensil and some paper, and you can start today. You may be worried that you have nothing to write, but do not pressure yourself to be the next Shakespeare. Just sit down and write whatever comes through your mind. Free-flow writing can actually reveal more than you may realize. Take a leap of faith and try journaling. You will be pleased with how much your mind can be stimulated with the simple task of writing.

Here at The Detox Center of Colorado, we like to focus on activities that will help keep you sober past your stay, such as journaling. Through evidence-based therapy options and the endless adventure of Colorado, The Detox Center of Colorado fosters connection, encouraging clients to get connected to themselves, their peers, their families, and their higher power. With the power of recovery, clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing. Call us today for more information: (303) 536-5463

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