Will You Become Resilient in Recovery?

Will You Become Resilient in Recovery?

Once you give up drugs and alcohol and start participating in your recovery, one could say that you are making a comeback. Bouncing back from the insidiousness of your addiction is not supposed to happen because the normal consequences are jail, institutions, and death. The fact that you were able to take a better route despite that your addiction was out to get you means that you are resilient, which is a beautiful thing.

You Honor Your Present Situation

Believing in yourself can help to keep you going in sobriety, no matter what life brings about. Even in the bleakest circumstances, a resilient person will not curl up and die over the slightest rejection. Rather, they will aim high and continue to reach out for support in full acceptance of what they need to learn.

You Value the Challenges in Life

Mistakes are lessons that you learn from. You may repeat them when you are under the influence, but in recovery, you look at challenges as an exercise in humility. Instead of fighting everyone and everybody, you acknowledge what you are going through and then make the changes you need. You can make lemonade out of lemons, or you can just be bitter. Resiliency means that you keep going because you value the experience.

You Observe How You Treat Others

Drugs and alcohol can make you mistreat others with your impulsivity and negative emotions.
When you take away drugs and alcohol and add recovery to the equation, you will encounter a shift in how you treat yourself, which in return, will shift how you treat others. Your resiliency gives you the ability to acquire healthier relationships that will enhance your recovery when you attempt to gain support for the right reasons.

What you need to know about your resiliency is that you are stronger than you think. Anyone that could endure what you have been through and come out better for it on the other side is courageous and persistent. Resilient means that you are self-aware and willing to take the necessary measures to stay sober. Resiliency is admirable and will certainly take you far in your recovery.

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