How to Return to Work After Rehab

How to Return to Work After Rehab

Now that you made it to rehab, congratulations on making the most of your time for your recovery! You might have arrived here through a court-order, family intervention, or prompted by your employer to attend treatment because your drinking or drug use was out of control.

Especially if you were found under the influence of mind-altering substances while you were on the job, you might be dreading your return to face the people at work who know about your affliction all too well.

Your worst fears may revolve around questions like: Will they judge me? Will they ostracize me? Will they ever respect me professionally again? The answers to these questions are not so cut-and-dry because there is no way to control anyone else’s thoughts or opinions.

Of course, it’s normal to feel afraid, but your job is your livelihood, which creates a different spin on your circumstances. As you transition back to work sober, taking your job one day at a time will be vital while owning who you have become with the spirit of making reparations when appropriate.

What People Think of You Is Not Your Problem

Everyone has problems, and unfortunately, yours were exposed in front of your coworkers. Do your best to let your spiritual principles guide you and there will be no reason to worry about what they are thinking of you. All you need to do is let your job performance speak for you and let the feedback of your supervisor help let you know what changes you need to work on. Reputations can change with due diligence, so keep your focus on work and you’ll do just fine.

Be a Worker Among Workers

There are many questions as to what being a worker among workers really means. This phrase means to be on time, do the job you are expected to do, wear the appropriate dress attire, and come with an attitude of professionalism and service without engaging in any drama.

Being of service also lends to your job. Do your best to practice emotional sobriety at work to be helpful, considerate, and sober no matter what anyone says or does. Being a worker among workers will help you be grateful for your job or indicate if you should move on to other prospects.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how your coworkers respond to you getting sober. There will be those who may be resentful or envious of your job status, but there will also be those people who are rooting for your success. Let your recovery program speak for your work to be an example of what you show others. All you need to do is keep moving up the ladder and have fun doing it.

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