How to Stay Sober on Halloween During COVID-19

Sober Halloween during Covid-19

This year’s Halloween is going to look a little different this year amidst a global pandemic. Halloween is a holiday that hosts tons of costume parties and brings out hundreds of trick or treaters, which may be canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While you may have stayed sober during the pandemic so far, you may be affected if you cannot observe Halloween in the typical fashion. Instead of being able to party on your favorite holiday, you may find yourself closer to drinking or using drugs to cope. 

Have no fear. You can still go about Halloween without having alcohol or drugs in the mix. All you need to do is get creative this year and carry on with new traditions that could carry over to next year. Change may not be comfortable, but having spooky fun during this time will be worth it. 

Have a Movie Night

Cult classic horror movies are a mainstay of Halloween. If horror is too scary for you, there are tons of Halloween comedies, rom coms, and kids’ movies to choose from. Get a few of your recovery friends together to eat popcorn balls, candy corn, and some ghoulish nonalcoholic beverages. The film will entertain, the snacks will hit the spot, and being around friends will replenish you socially when you probably need it the most.

Make Your House Haunted

You may love going to haunted houses every year, but this year will probably look different. With social distancing, you may feel like hosting a haunted house for your social pod in your home. You can get innovative with all the other rooms in your house and outside. Google some ideas and order anything you need online. Your haunted house will undoubtedly be creepy if you give yourself plenty of time to design it and get everything you need before the 31st.

Organize a Costume Parade

Even if trick or treating is not possible, you can still round up your neighbors and put on a costume parade. Get together some prizes to vote which costumes are the best. All families can remain six feet away from other families while showing off the outfits each family is wearing. Thankfully, you are already somewhat used to wearing a mask, so you will rock one this Halloween like everything is finally normal.

Halloween starts the end of the year holidays that everyone looks forward to. Rather than go towards the end of the year with low spirits, move forward with no spirits and in high spirits. Festive fun can be had when you go with the flow and make the best of what you have while staying sober. This Halloween will be one for the books, so make this holiday count, so next year you will reflect and see that you can make it through anything sober.

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