What Are the Common Fears Surrounding Rehab?

Fear of loss in recovery

Someone who desperately needs to receive treatment from drugs and alcohol may put up a fight or refuse to go simply because of fear. They may have devised up some misgivings about what attending a rehabilitation center will be like based on what they believe will happen – not on the reality of what actually goes on. 

While everyone deals with fears, letting fear rule someone’s life with addiction instead of getting help to improve it can keep a person sick and tired of being sick and tired. To help a person in your life get the help they need, knowing the most common fears of accepting treatment can help you understand their resistance to treatment.

The Fear of Detox

Withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable for some people depending on what they consumed, how long, and how much. The symptoms can be unbearable, but if you have a medical detox, you will be cared for by clinicians whose job is to manage the symptoms. If fear of detox is holding you back, speak with the rehabilitation facility who can guide you in the proper direction. Before you make up your mind not to go to rehab, get the right information. 

The Fear of Loss

A common misconception is that going to rehab will cause a person to lose their job, children, or a committed relationship. Most employers will be sensitive to the fact that their employee is going to a treatment center. They understand this decision will lead them to become a better employee. Children will be pleased that they will get a parent back who is sober. If fear of loss is holding you back, understand that your loved ones will praise the fact that you are receiving assistance. Anyone who does not support your decision to attend rehab may not be the best person to rely on for support. 

The Fear of Coping

Often a person who goes to rehab may believe that their life is over. They also think they will not find any way to endure the reasons they drank and used. Their perception is that life will be dull and unsatisfying without these substances to make them feel better. If fear of coping is holding you back, the point of going to rehab is to gain tools and life skills on how to live life sober and be better for it. Rehab will be life-changing and can show you that you can get through anything sober. 

The Fear of the Past

It is no secret that recovery is all about sorting out the past to let go of past pain and suffering. Although it may seem daunting to relive trauma and abuse, evidence-based therapies and trained therapists can give a person a better solution to work through their problems than using drugs and drinking alcohol. If fear of the past is holding you back, the programs offered in rehab can walk you through anything so you can be relieved of the shame and the guilt the past represents. Going through the emotions and fears in a rehab’s safe environment will prepare you for staying sober once you leave. 

The Fear of Starting Over 

Many people who need to get sober have to lose everything before they finally concede that they need help. Staying in their active addiction numbs them. People who are actively using do not feel bad about their dire situation or care that drugs and alcohol are killing them. Starting over is not something that appeals to them, so they choose to stay stuck under the influence. If the fear of starting over is holding you back, a rehab is excellent for networking everything you may need going forward. A rehab will partner with other advocates for recovery that might help you find a job, provide clothes for an interview, or arrange to get dental work done. Every rehab is different in their services, but many want you to be successful in your recovery. The rehab will do what they can to help prevent setbacks as you get back into the real world.

The Fear of Failure

Someone who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction will also suffer from low self-esteem. When they are under the invincible effects of these substances, they believe they can conquer the world. When they are coming down off drugs and alcohol, they can see what is really going on and may not think that they can accomplish anything, even sobriety. If the fear of failure is holding you back, rehab will be there to help pick up the pieces and enlighten you in the way you should be. Unity and encouragement are the key elements that recovery offers to show you that you are worth it. 

The fear of the unknown is one of the biggest culprits of keeping people out of rehab. Unresolved fear can also cause significant consequences, including dying from drug and alcohol addiction. Relapse and overdose are detrimental to creating immense wreckage in a person’s life, possibly fatal. Attending a rehab facility means finding new ways to cope and life-saving measures to gain strength from within. Fears will probably never go away entirely, but starting your sobriety can give you the best chance to iron them out in your recovery.  

Accepting your fears and resolving them will be instrumental in assisting you with long-term sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction. Through evidence-based therapy options and the endless adventure of Colorado, Valiant Detox fosters connection, encouraging clients to get connected to themselves, their peers, their families, and their higher power. Offering a full range of recovery and mental health services, The Detox Center of Colorado offers comprehensive detox and transitional services to enrich our clients’ lives in recovery. Call us today to get started: (303) 952-5035.


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