The Benefits of Comprehensive Detox Treatment

comprehensive detox treatment

People who struggle with the disease of addiction often fear the first step of recovery, which is detoxification. Stereotypes from movies and television often portray detox as a horrible experience in isolation either at home or with an unsympathetic medical staff. Other times, people spread misinformation about the experience of detox, which can frighten others.

Fortunately, there are alternative treatment options for those needing assistance during detox.

What Is “Comprehensive Detox Treatment”?

Comprehensive detox treatment typically covers a variety of needs for a client going through the process of ridding themselves of the toxins accumulated from drug and alcohol dependence. Professionals will administer a medical, psychiatric, and psychological assessment before detox. This thorough assessment ensures that the detox plan is tailored to that person’s needs.

Taking into consideration a person’s substance abuse history helps determine the best plan for detoxification. No plan is “one-size-fits-all” due to each person’s different experiences with addiction. Detox typically takes anywhere from three to ten days, depending upon the severity of the addiction and toxin buildup.

Don’t Try to “Go It Alone”

Attempting detoxification at home or in a facility with little to no support can be dangerous. Physical side effects can occur, and medical professionals need to assist with any medications or other things to ease a patient’s suffering. These professionals can also help their patients manage any medications they are currently taking, such as ones that treat mental health issues. Having access to a therapist to help a person identify and cope with their emotions while they make a vital transformation in their life is beneficial.

Some detox programs also offer holistic treatment modalities, group therapy, and assistance planning for a post-detox treatment plan. Incorporating several modes of assistance to detox, rather than “going it alone,” can lead to a positive detox experience, starting recovery on the right path.

Stereotypes about detoxifying from drug and alcohol addiction can be scary for those considering sobriety. Comprehensive detox treatment provides a person struggling with addiction with a multi-level approach that guides them through the detox and plans for their next steps in achieving lasting sobriety. The Detox Center of Colorado provides a comprehensive plan for detoxification that includes medical and psychological support. We also work with the client and their family to determine the next steps in treatment. Our 8-bed facility ensures individual attention and plans. Call us now for more information at (303) 952-5035.

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