The Value of Leaving Town for Treatment

leaving town for treatment

A person who has taken the brave step of seeking treatment for their addiction to drugs or alcohol has an important decision to make first. Choosing where to go for detoxification can be daunting, with many people wanting to limit their choices to something in their hometown. While going out of town or even across the country may seem like a looming prospect, distance from your hometown can be beneficial to begin a new life in recovery.

The Benefits of Going Out of Town  

One of the hallmarks of addiction is experiencing the same old thing, day in and day out. Those struggling with addiction often do the same things, see the same people, and experience the same negative emotions daily. Just like someone “burned out” from their job who could benefit from getting away, those ready to begin recovery may find a change of location helps jumpstart their new life.

A change in scenery can be exciting and invigorating. Visiting new places reminds a person that change is always an option. A person accustomed to a chilly place may find a warmer climate to be a pleasant change from their usual surroundings. Conversely, someone living in a flatland area may find inspiration in scenic mountain ranges and wooded areas.

Leaving a Toxic Environment Behind

Too often, a person dealing with addiction finds themselves continually dealing with toxic people. This might be a family member or other loved one who is a negative influence in life. A toxic person could be a friend who remains mired in addiction with no plans for change. Taking a break from an unhealthy relationship can be quite helpful and eye-opening. Going to another city allows a person to surround themselves with like-minded individuals looking to change their lives and support one another.

Many people who want to begin treatment for their addiction think the best option is to stay in the “comfort zone” of their hometown. While there are comforts and conveniences to remaining near your home, leaving your town or state may produce better detoxification and treatment results. A new location, climate, and options for new activities can invigorate a person, leading them to embrace positive changes when returning home. The Detox Center of Colorado offers a gorgeous mountainous location and individualized treatment for those beginning their recovery journey. Call us for more information today at (303) 952-5035.

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