Do You Live With the “What If” Monster?


Do You Live With the “What If” Monster?

Monsters are common in the imagination of a child believing there is a scary creature under their bed or closet. A flick of the light switch and the comforting voice of a parent can disprove the monster’s existence. Other monsters extend their reign of terror in movies and television shows, giving countless thrills and shocks to audiences. A person can dispel them by knowing that they are Hollywood fantasy and not a real threat. However, there is a type of scary creature that can infiltrate a person’s psyche and make it difficult for them to have confidence and motivation. Meet the “What If Monster.”

Defining the “What If” Monster

The “What If” Monster appears as that nagging voice that crops up when you try to take a step forward. Maybe you want to apply for a new job or try out a new hobby. It could be attending a new support group or telling a loved one about your struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. That negative voice pops up in your head, with questions such as:

  • “What if you fail?”
  • “What if people laugh at you?”
  • “What if the task is harder than you realize?”
  • “What if people gossip about you?”
  • “What if you don’t have what it takes?”
  • “What if you’ll regret trying something new?”

Each question is fear-based and rooted in trying to trip you up and give you an excuse not to try something new. Flip the question around and ask yourself, “What if that doesn’t happen?”

There are no guarantees of success when you take a step to add value and progress in your life, but you do assure failure if you never try anything. Make a habit of dismissing the “What If Monster” when it tries to throw up roadblocks dissuading you from your goals. You are much stronger than this figment of your imagination.

Have you ever decided you’d like to try something new or take a brave step in recovery, but then you suddenly have a list of questions that make you scared to move forward? The “What If Monster” can take up a lot of space in your head unless you stop making fear-based decisions and send it on its way out! Detox Center of Colorado can help quell your assumptions that failure is imminent. Call our Denver area location today to find out how we can help you ignore your monsters and get help now. (303) 952-5035.

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