Deconstructing Stereotypes About Addiction

Why Being Sober Doesn’t Have to be Scary on Halloween

People who live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol know firsthand what their experiences are like. Each person is unique with their own story to tell about how they got where they are while struggling to achieve and maintain recovery. However, encountering stereotypes that many people believe about addiction can complicate their journey through sobriety.

Misconceptions About the Daily Life of Addiction

Stereotypes about how the day-to-day life of someone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is everywhere. Some stereotypes come from the entertainment world, and others from assumptions people make. A big misconception is that all those addicted are unable to function in daily life. Many people believe they cannot maintain employment, even though many in recovery have successful careers and hold down long-term jobs.

Another stereotype involves the belief that addiction means a person cannot maintain family and romantic relationships or meaningful friendships. However, many people mired in addiction remain in marriages and relationships that appear strong from the outside and enjoy social lives with friends.

One unfortunate skillset many who deal with addiction acquire is the ability to lead a double life. From the outside, they may look like happy, well-adjusted individuals whose lives center around family, career, hobbies, and other healthy outlets. Just because an outsider cannot see signs of an unhinged life doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Other Stereotypes About Addiction

Many people believe those who deal with addiction show their problem via poor hygiene. They point to someone who regularly showers, wears clean clothes, and maintains essential body and image maintenance as proof that they cannot truly suffer from addiction. Other people believe those addicted live in extreme situations, such as being homeless or are prone to violence. In reality, that is only a portion of the addicted population and does not apply to all.

Another stereotype is that those addicted cannot recover. With the right treatment program, determination to make a real and lasting change, and time, anyone can put addiction behind them and heal.

Stereotypes about addiction to drugs and alcohol can make it harder to spot someone who suffers or believe they can recover. Leading a double life that conceals a person’s struggle with addiction can mislead those who love them and don’t see the big picture. Detox Center of Colorado provides a safe and healthy environment to undergo detoxification. While in our program, you can make plans for treatment that will help create the “new you” who no longer needs to hide secrets. Call us today to get the help you deserve! +1 (303) 952-5035.

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