Do You Put Fear on a Pedestal?

Bravery is a crucial component to navigating sobriety. Without bravery, real change cannot take place or continue. While it is natural to feel fear along the path of recovery, progress cannot occur if it is in the “driver’s seat.” It takes a certain amount of bravado when it comes to:

  • Recognizing an addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Telling loved ones you need help
  • Seeking treatment programs
  • Attending therapy and support groups
  • Engaging in daily choices to stay sober
  • Making significant life changes

When Fear Holds You Back

Often, when a person is trying to decide if they want to enter recovery, they find themselves using negative statements. “I can’t do this” and “I will fail if I try” are popular sentiments for someone new to addressing their addiction. These statements come from a place of fear and might keep a person from achieving their goals. They are reactions that come from placing fear on a pedestal.

When fear is on a pedestal, it is above you, serving as an “idol” that tells you to make fear-based decisions. When fear reigns as the idol, bravery cannot win. Are you saying “no” to any steps forward due to uncertainty? If so, you are setting yourself up not to grow and change for the better.

Knocking Fear off Its Pedestal

Ask yourself how many decisions you “filter” through your fears. Make a list of each choice you have related to your recovery. For each decision, write down the “brave” choice and the “fear-based” choice. If you see you have chosen fear repeatedly, consider revisiting those choices to have a better outcome.

To get a better perspective of how you may have placed fear on a pedestal, talk to someone who knows you well. A loved one, a treatment professional, or a sponsor can help you sort through where your choices come from and make bravery a priority. Remember the old saying that bravery is not the absence of fear, but instead feeling the fear — and doing the brave thing anyway!

Do you put fear on a pedestal? If your choices related to recovery come from choosing the safest and least scary options, you might be hindering your chances at getting sober and staying that way. Detox Center of Colorado offers a cozy, eight-bed facility designed to get to know our clients and offer them tailor-made plans for success. We provide comprehensive detox treatment, along with any needed medical and psychiatric assessments. Call us today to find out how we can help you put fear behind you and start healing! (303) 952-5035.

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