Making the Move Back to Campus While In Recovery

Many college students spent the last year away from campus. Those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs may have found they experienced less temptation this way. However, as society reopens, many college campuses are preparing for an influx of students this summer and fall.

Preparing for what to expect as you move back into daily school life makes a difference. Consider all your options. Talk to any treatment team members you have and decide what works best for you. Pre-planning will get you across the finish line and on that graduation stage.

Campus Life Doesn’t Have to Mean Party Life

While in the throes of an addiction, many students practically majored in campus party life. Those who are now in recovery need to make an effort to avoid falling prey to that mindset again. Look for school-related activities that do not focus on drinking or drug usage. Check out groups related to specific hobbies or interests and see if they are a good fit. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, consider starting your own group. Make it clear that the purpose of the club is to focus on your common interest. These meetings will be alcohol- and drug-free.

Options for Moving Out of the Classroom or Dorm

If being on campus full-time proves to be testing your recovery more than you can handle right now, don’t give up. Ask a school counselor what online classes are still an option. If you have a full load of classes, consider scaling back for a semester or two. If you live on campus, think about making a move. Staying with a nearby relative or splitting the rent with other students who do not indulge in drug or alcohol use can be the change you need. As your recovery strengthens, you may find you are more suited for in-person classes and on-campus living after some time has passed.

As college students go from strictly online classes back to campus life, temptations may abound. Those in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse benefit from knowing their options. Planning for a social life that minimizes temptation is essential. The Detox Center of Colorado can help anyone who needs to complete detoxification for their substance use disorder. Our professional program helps prepare you to enter recovery to get back to school and fulfill your goals. Call us today at (303) 952-5035 to find out how to graduate to a sober life.

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