When Should I Consider Rehab?

Individuals that struggle with addiction often wonder if their situation is “bad enough” for treatment. They put off going to treatment because they believe they must wait to hit rock bottom to seek help.

However, there is no definitive answer as to what rock bottom means, and early intervention is the best way to ensure a successful recovery. Thinking about when to take the first step can be challenging, but knowing when you should will ultimately give you your life back.

The Notion of “Rock Bottom” and What Constitutes “Bad Enough”

Many individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction live in denial and never admit that they have a problem. They believe that they can control their addiction and that they will only need help when they hit rock bottom or when their situation gets “bad enough.”

However, these terms are not measurable, and any level of addiction is “bad enough” to require treatment if it is impairing your life. Just the fact that you are thinking about treatment shows that you are ready to take that step.

The Benefits of Early Intervention

Addiction often has underlying causes that are ignored by the individual struggling as they use drugs and alcohol to cope. Seeking treatment early on can help address these underlying issues and help the person live a happier, healthier, more productive life.

Early intervention helps turn your life around before severe, irreversible consequences take place. You are also more likely to sustain long-term sobriety when you seek early intervention.

Finding the Right Rehab For You

Just as seeking treatment early on is crucial to your recovery, finding the right treatment center is just as significant. Since you will be starting with detox, you will need a place that gives you the proper support for both substance use and mental health disorders. Doing your research and talking to the facility’s staff will give you a good idea of which program is right for you.

It is a turning point in one’s life when one decides to seek addiction treatment. However, many of those struggling are unsure when the right moment is. Luckily, the Detox Center of Colorado is here to let you know: the right moment is now. We believe that early intervention is the best way to reclaim your life, and our team will help you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive detox services and a transitional residence program to set you up for success in recovery. To learn more about our facility, give us a call anytime at (303) 952-5035.

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