Innovative Transitional Residential Option at Valiant Living Detox and Assessment

For many people with addiction, the recovery journey begins with detoxification. However, after completing this important first step, there are sometimes questions as to what to do next. A detox may be an essential part of the recovery process, but it’s not a cure. It’s only the start of a potentially much longer process that addresses the complex nature of addiction outside of physical withdrawals.

We created the transitional short-term residential program to help clients and their families through the often unfamiliar treatment options. The program’s emphasis is on post-detox stabilization and it prioritizes treatment planning and next-step care coordination in an environment providing important intensive clinical care. With a wealth of options available under one roof—in-depth information, comprehensive assessments, and individualized recommendations tailored to each client’s specific needs can help determine a smooth transition into long-term recovery.

This gives the treatment team the opportunity to identify the needs of each individual patient and coordinate post-detox treatment for the passage into the appropriate level of care. By deeply understanding the treatment philosophy of the program being referred to, Valiant Living is able to create a more seamless transition while communicating and coordinating with the professionals who will be taking over care.

This is a critical step that is worth getting right. “Our goal is to provide an accurate, informed picture of each client’s needs that allows us to recommend the level of care and treatment approach right for them,” says the Chief Operating Officer at Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, Scott Lister. “By helping clients and their families navigate the recovery process, explore the available treatment options, and coordinate care plans, Valiant Living Detox and Assessment can establish a strong foundation for a lasting recovery and help overcome the barriers that may be holding clients back.”

The goal is to get clients ready for the next phase of their recovery, whether that be another residential program, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or another level of care. A typical day can include psych evaluations, cognitive functioning, biosocial and spiritual assessments, as well as therapeutic activities that help identify treatment goals.

“Clients participate in groups where they learn more about the recovery process and what to expect going forward,” explains Lister. Components utilized in the program include comprehensive evaluations, treatment planning, individual and group therapy, substance use disorder education, motivational interviewing, psychological and a continuum of recovery education, groups on recovery expectations, and medication management skills.

The short-term stay following the detox process is flexible and can be from a few days to potentially several weeks if needed. Patients are medically monitored and have access to care in a comfortable, home-like environment surrounded by farmland and mountains that is very different from many other detox facilities with an institutional feel – yet is only 25 minutes from Denver International Airport.

The intentionally created atmosphere helps clients stabilize, reduce anxiety, and consider the best way forward with their recovery team. The program provides an ideal buffer period between the acute detox phase and long-term treatment options. Valiant Living Detox and Assessment will help every client determine the appropriate level of care and find a place in a suitable treatment program.

If you are seeking a more comprehensive start for your treatment of addiction, contact us at 303-952-5035. We provide a safe, supportive haven in the earliest stages of recovery. Get the individualized attention you need for stabilization, assessment, and discerning the best next steps in your journey.

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