Monthly Archives: March 2022

Unexpected Companions at Innovative Valiant Living Detox and Assessment

Detoxification is not an easy time for patients in early recovery. Many are still seriously struggling with their addiction while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. At Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, the team likes to start the healing process for patients in a slightly different way—not just with medicine. “We have always been interested in redefining detoxification […]

Alcohol Misuse Linked to Lower Connectivity in Brain Areas Processing Emotions

“Addictions, including substance use disorders (SUDs), are multistep conditions that, by definition, require exposure to an addictive agent. The wide variety of addictive agents encompasses drugs, foods, sex, video gaming, and gambling. Any of these agents may lead to an ‘addicted state’ through neurobiological pathways partially overlapping with those involved in addiction to psychoactive substances,” […]

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