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How to Get a Loved One to Go to Detox

young man in rehab detox

Before jumping to conclusions and telling your loved one they need to go to detox, find a way to motivate them. It is easy to talk about addiction when you are not the one using the substance. However, knowing that your loved one is using can help you understand their suffering on an intimate level. […]

The Family You Create for Yourself

three female friends greeting hugging each other - one line drawing

May 15 is designated as the International Day of Families. In 1993, the General Assembly of the United Nations set this day to focus on the importance of families worldwide. For those in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, the family can factor into recovery in many ways. If you have strong family ties, […]

Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

toxic relationships

The word toxic means “containing or being poisonous material, especially when capable of causing serious injury or death.” Most people think of “toxic” as relating to chemicals and potential physical harm; however, many relationships can be their own version of “toxic.” If you are involved in a toxic relationship, it can be challenging to co-exist […]

Preparing for Difficult Conversations: Five Things to Think About

Mental Health

Making transitions in life can be difficult, especially when it involves having conversations about aspects of our life we may have previously hidden. Sometimes, we struggle to function while our addiction and challenges remain out of sight. The stigma attached to mental health may mean suffering in silence for extended periods. Behaviors—good or bad—that others […]

Making Friends After Rehab

Friends hanging out at home

Understanding the changes that need to take place in sobriety is essential to recovery. One of those changes is who you choose to spend your time with. When you were active in your addiction, the friends you hung around with probably drank and used as heavily as you did. You and your drinking and using […]

How Can Someone Get Sober When They Are in Denial?

man in denial struggling with addiction

Only a small percentage of people decide to get sober on their own. Without having some significant ramifications that occur directly from their drug and alcohol use, many people choose to stay in their active addiction. The ease and comfort of alcoholism or addiction can keep a person from seeing that they are doing damage […]

Ways You Can Support Your Loved One in Their Recovery

Ways You Can Support Your Loved One in Their Recovery

Drugs and alcohol poison the mind of a person who is addicted to them. The powerful obsession of addiction will start to feed lies through the brain and make someone believe that they are not worthy and that no one cares about their situation. When the belief begins to occur, the person with the addiction […]

Will My Family Issues Ever Be Resolved?

Will My Family Issues Ever Be Resolved?

“Blood is thicker than water” is a phrase that implies that family is the most important bond that you can have here on Earth. In theory, that sounds like the perfect world. The truth is that family relationships can be tricky at times and hard to endure. Your deepest pain is probably rooted in the […]

Step Nine – Making Amends

Step Nine - Making Amends

The past is an integral part of your recovery because you need to remember what it was like before to keep you from going back. Being liberated from the past is essential to gain closure and move forward with your strength and hope. If the pain still hurts, this means that you have some work […]

Will I Ever Find Love in Recovery?

Will I Ever Find Love in Recovery?

The loneliness that can occur from being single in recovery can be challenging to understand, especially after the suggestion of waiting one year. You may be wondering when you will find someone special, and why is it taking so long? You understood that it took time with your sobriety, and it will also take time […]

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