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The Five Senses and Your Mental Health

When thinking about mental health, consider your environment and its impact on your mental well-being. Many individuals try to make significant changes in their environments without breaking things down to the level of their core perceptions: the five senses. Your five senses help you experience your environment. Understanding how you can address each of them […]

Turn Your Mess Into Your Message


As a person who has gone through the depths of alcohol or drug addiction, you have lived a long time through turmoil. Once you entered recovery, your life began to turn around. Sobriety often helps someone more clearly view just how messed up things were during their darker days. Memories of missed opportunities, relationships that […]

Does Summer Make You SAD?


Most people have heard about Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. It’s most commonly associated with winter. Those affected by SAD have a difficult time with colder weather, shorter days, and less sunshine. Though not as common as experiencing SAD in the winter, SAD can also impact lives in the summer. Summer Heat Can […]

Social Isolation Complicates Addiction


One of the great joys in life is socializing with others. Going out to restaurants, shopping, and taking vacations to allow us to spend time with those we love. These activities also afford us the ability to meet new people and have new experiences. While COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on the physical health […]

Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom


Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom May 4th is “Teacher Appreciation Day.” Nearly everyone can reflect on their school days and remember a great teacher they had. It might be someone who pushed them to go the extra mile or helped foster an interest in a new subject. Teachers often are underpaid and not fully […]

Do You Put Fear on a Pedestal?

Bravery is a crucial component to navigating sobriety. Without bravery, real change cannot take place or continue. While it is natural to feel fear along the path of recovery, progress cannot occur if it is in the “driver’s seat.” It takes a certain amount of bravado when it comes to: Recognizing an addiction to drugs […]

How Understanding Star Wars Can Help You Conquer Addiction


Perhaps no movie boasts a higher number of fans of multiple generations than Star Wars. Released in 1977, the science fiction tale of good vs. evil has enjoyed a hardcore fan base and a host of sequels. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and other characters lead the quest through outer space to defeat the […]

Do You Live With the “What If” Monster?


Do You Live With the “What If” Monster? Monsters are common in the imagination of a child believing there is a scary creature under their bed or closet. A flick of the light switch and the comforting voice of a parent can disprove the monster’s existence. Other monsters extend their reign of terror in movies […]

When Saying “No” Is a Positive Thing

saying no

“Just Say No” was a hallmark anti-drug campaign conceived during the Reagan administration, encouraging children tempted by illegal narcotics to “just say no.” While some dismissed this approach’s simplicity regarding the complex nature of potential drug abuse, it can apply in many other areas of concern. Saying “no” can have power when applied to multiple […]

Playing Dress-up for Adults

dress-up as an adult

Kids love to play dress-up by donning old clothing from family members or innovative costumes purchased from toy and clothing stores. Did you know that adults can play dress-up, too? Not in the physical sense, but as a therapeutic exercise for learning who they are and who they want to be. The Psychology of Dress-up for […]

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