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The Best Tips for How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

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Dealing with a substance use disorder causes a lot of difficult emotions and situations for people. Long-time abuse of alcohol and drugs can take a toll on a person’s physical health. Their mental health often feels the impact, especially if they already deal with co-occurring disorders. These can include diagnoses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, […]

The Family Medical Leave Act Covers Time Off for Addiction Treatment

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The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) came into being in 1993. Many people mistakenly believe the FMLA only covers well-known situations. These include an employee who is ill, has a new baby, or needs to care for a sick family member. However, the FMLA goes beyond that to assist those in treatment for addiction and […]

Residential Treatment In A Post-COVID-19 World

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Many Residential Treatment Programs Are Reopening After Adjusting for COVID-19 When COVID-19 first caused society to close down, many people mourned the loss of shopping and dining out. However, a more severe problem concerned those suffering from the disease of addiction: searching for an in-person treatment program. Several residential programs were unsure how to become […]

What Are the Common Fears Surrounding Rehab?

Fear of loss in recovery

Someone who desperately needs to receive treatment from drugs and alcohol may put up a fight or refuse to go simply because of fear. They may have devised up some misgivings about what attending a rehabilitation center will be like based on what they believe will happen – not on the reality of what actually […]

How People with Addiction Can Help in Addiction Research

How People with Addiction Can Help in Addiction Research

It can be hard to conduct addiction treatment studies when you cannot find enough volunteers to participate in the studies. They may not be aware of how beneficial the studies can be for them or are not aware of the studies. If people struggling with addiction take part in these studies, they can help the […]

5 Reasons People Are Afraid to Enter Treatment for Addiction

5 Reasons People Are Afraid to Enter Treatment for Addiction

There are many sticking points between addiction and recovery. At first, most people won’t even admit they have a problem. Eventually, they may accept they have a problem and that they need help, but they may have many excuses not to get it. While some of these excuses may sound convincing, what’s typically going on […]

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