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Will I Ever Be Able to Change My Inner Dialogue?

Inner Dialogue

The discourse in your head is probably rated R for reprehensible. You talk to yourself worse than you would ever allow anyone else to talk to your loved one or even yourself. The dialogue in your head is really negative, which ironically leaves you feeling like it will be impossible to change your thoughts. Remembering […]

Why Kindling Your Addiction is so Dangerous

Kindling Your Addiction

Relapse can be a part of recovery. A relapse happens due to not having a defense against the first drink or drug. Once the relapse occurs, the person may decide that it was a mistake and go to any lengths to stay sober. Others may start an insidious cycle of relapse that they cannot stop. […]

How Do I Find My Sober Tribe?

Find My Sober Tribe

Loneliness tends to become a regular part of addiction. Rather than cultivate new relationships or nurture old ones, you may find yourself pursuing a relationship with drugs and alcohol. The addictive nature of drugs and alcohol strips you of your desire to connect with others. When you finally sober up, it is no wonder that […]

Signs Anxiety is Ruling Your Life

Anxiety is ruling your life

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can keep a person from enjoying life. While anxiety is nothing new, there is more readily available information and less stigma when someone decides to seek treatment. The symptoms of anxiety are painful and can affect the body, mind, and soul. Stress and fear are a normal part of […]

I Finally Surrendered to My Addiction. Now What?

Surrender to My Addiction

You have heard for a while that you must surrender to your addiction to have a chance in recovery. You may have resisted the label of “alcoholic” or “addict” because you believe there is shame around it. You have fought everyone and everything to save face and avoid joining this group of misfits. What you […]

Are You a Jay-Walker?

Are You a Jaywalker

Do yourself a favor and read the story of the jaywalker in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, on pages 37-38. Whether you are suffering from addiction or supporting someone with an addiction, the jaywalker’s story gives a realistic depiction of what addictive behaviors entail. Sure, the description of the jaywalker may seem silly. However, if you […]

How to Deal with Family Afterward

Deal With Family

Once you get out of rehab or put some sober days together, you may believe that life will quickly resume once again with your family. While this may be true for some families, other families may have a harder road to travel when it comes to healing relationships. During the throes of your addiction, you […]

7 Benefits to Staying Sober This Summer

Staying Sober this Summer

Summertime is a time to let loose, relax, and vacation. With the sun out and beautiful weather, you may find yourself ready to enjoy all that the summer has to offer. Typically, you have found yourself with a drink in your hand and drugs in your pocket, but this summer, you are doing something different. […]

Should I Talk About My Addiction in the Workplace?

Talk about Addiction in workplace

In recovery, you are taught that your sobriety has to be a part of every aspect of your life. Without putting your recovery first, you can risk a relapse when you least expect it. As you start mentally going through all the different areas of your life, you begin to cringe when you think about […]

Esteemable Acts: Finding a Hobby

Finding a hobby

Many people in recovery have no idea what they like to do anymore now that they are sober. Since drinking alcohol and using drugs became their number one activity, they lost interest in everything else worthwhile to them. Drugs and alcohol change the chemistry in the brain, which also changes how an individual perceives life […]

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