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Should You Have a Relapse Prevention Plan?


Relapse prevention plans are vital tools whether you go into detox, treatment, or recovery. Having a plan or goal to help you recognize certain habits or behaviors can prevent future relapse. A relapse prevention plan helps you combat previous habits or behaviors to keep you on the recovery path. The road to recovery is arduous […]

Reach Out and Develop a Sustainable Trigger Plan During the Holiday Season and Beyond


For many reasons, the holiday season raises an assortment of red flags around our circle of family and friends, including the resentment and loneliness that may trigger a relapse event. Cultivating safe, supportive peer relationships with those who understand our emotional issues is critical for managing potential triggers.  Understanding Triggers Intense social, environmental, or emotional […]

Why Does Routine Help Recovery?

Power in Routine

Doing the next indicated step is an important concept to follow in recovery. Distractions, including drugs and alcohol, can be why many people in recovery fall short into relapse. Although you may not like following a rigid schedule, there is something to establishing a routine to follow in recovery. Even though tomorrow is not promised, […]

Why Recovery Means More Than Just Sobriety

What It Means to Live Sober

If you have spent any time in 12-Step meetings, you have heard the words “recovery” and “sobriety” integrated into the shares. Although these words are used interchangeably, they do have different distinctions in their definition. Anyone attempting long-term cessation of drugs and alcohol will know the difference in what it means to be sober versus […]

Step Ten – Taking Personal Inventory

Woman self reflecting

Making your way through the 12-Steps means you have admitted you are powerless. You have developed a relationship with a Higher Power, found your part, and admitted it. Your support system has helped you accept your character defects. With your sponsor’s help, you have made a list of people you have harmed and tried to […]

How Do People Stay Sober on NYE? 

How Do People Stay Sober on NYE? 

One of the most notorious holidays that people drink and use is on New Year’s Eve. With the “out with the old and in with the new” mentality of kicking off a new year, people love to go out with a bang. Excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs being passed around are not uncommon for […]

Can I Attend a Funeral and Still Stay Sober?

Losing someone you love or admire is often difficult to grasp. Knowing that you will never see them again on Earth can make their passing that much harder. Grief is no joke and if you no longer use drugs and alcohol to cope with your pain and misery, you may find yourself in a grief […]

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