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Experiential Therapy for Addiction Recovery

When it comes to healing from addiction, there are numerous treatment modalities used to help clients address the underlying issues of their disorder. One such approach to treatment is experiential therapy, which allows more creative outlets for clients to heal. Because experiential therapy is not necessarily clinical, some individuals have trouble understanding how it works […]

Playing Dress-up for Adults

dress-up as an adult

Kids love to play dress-up by donning old clothing from family members or innovative costumes purchased from toy and clothing stores. Did you know that adults can play dress-up, too? Not in the physical sense, but as a therapeutic exercise for learning who they are and who they want to be. The Psychology of Dress-up for […]

Why Does Routine Help Recovery?

Power in Routine

Doing the next indicated step is an important concept to follow in recovery. Distractions, including drugs and alcohol, can be why many people in recovery fall short into relapse. Although you may not like following a rigid schedule, there is something to establishing a routine to follow in recovery. Even though tomorrow is not promised, […]

How Do I Know Who to Reach Out to in Recovery?

How Do I Know Who to Reach Out to in Recovery?

Receiving assistance in recovery is the cornerstone of long-standing sobriety. There are not many people who get sober and stay sober without accepting support from others. Addiction is synonymous with isolation and loneliness, but recovery is equivalent to communion. For recovery to work, you will need to know who you should reach out to and […]

How Will I Know When It’s Time to Contact Someone Who Is Angry With Me?

back in contact

Addiction makes people display behaviors and say things they would not necessarily say or do without drugs and alcohol taking away their inhibitions. This may be the understanding you have come to realize in your own sobriety at least. You might be experiencing shame and guilt from what you put friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and loved […]

Will Road Rage Affect My Recovery?

Will Road Rage Affect My Recovery?

Someone cuts you off on the road and what do you do? Do you chase after them and proceed to get revenge by cutting them off? Do you flip them off or do you consider that they just might be having a bad day and write it off? Road rage is a serious problem that […]

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