Monthly Archives: April 2022

Colorado’s Battle With Deadly Fentanyl

Fentanyl deaths are soaring in Colorado and many overdoses are occurring as users unknowingly ingest other drugs (such as heroin) laced with the powerful synthetic opioid. In April, for example, Shanna Lewis reported on Colorado Public Radio (CPR) that deaths involving fentanyl have been doubling annually over the last five years in El Paso County: […]

Alcohol Use Shrinks Your Brain

Alcohol consumption is one of the leading contributors to the global burden of disease and alcohol use disorder (AUD) is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions around the world, with harmful effects on physical, cognitive, and social functioning. Chronic excessive alcohol use is associated with a multitude of adverse effects, including (but not […]

US Employers are Facing Increasing Positive Results on Drug Tests

Drug and alcohol problems can be a tricky issue for human resource managers. Many Americans who misuse illegal drugs and alcohol are employed. For many decades, employers have been trying to detect job seekers and workers who misuse substances by requiring drug tests. Last year, the percentage of US employees testing positive for a drug […]

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