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Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders

Many individuals believe that addiction occurs in a vacuum. It is easy to think that a person starts using drugs or alcohol over time and becomes more dependent on it until it ruins their life. While this is part of the truth, it does not leave room for the complexities of addiction. Addiction is more […]

Three Simple Steps to Creating a Healthy Lifestyle During Recovery


After a successful detox and intensive rehabilitation program, many people return home only to deal with a tangle of family issues resulting from the addiction itself. Returning home and establishing new routines following rehabilitation can create challenges. These unanticipated stressors reinforce the importance of maintaining a schedule of support groups and individual therapy. Without this […]

Letting Go of the Past: Victim to Survivor

Recovery involves learning to release emotional pain and past wounds. Emotional injury is often cited as a significant reason for self-medicating and turning to substances; it can often ruin a person’s personal and professional life. Numbing pain from the past to cope with stress creates additional stressors as our body becomes accustomed to substances as […]

Tips to Practice Faith Over Fear

Tips to Practice Faith Over Fear

One of the most prevalent emotions that are felt by someone who has battled drug and alcohol addiction is fear. The range of fear is huge because the origin can stem from trauma, abuse, phobias, or feelings that originated in everyday scenarios. Once fear sets in, you may find yourself experiencing physical, mental, and spiritual […]

How to Stay Sober on Easter This Year

Sober Easter

Once spring starts showing up, Easter is right around the corner. While this fun-filled holiday originated from religious events, kids today mostly see bunny rabbits, prize eggs, and candy. The tradition of Easter egg hunting was actually a pre-Christian tradition that symbolized the new birth of creatures that happened during the spring. Men would hide […]

How To Stop Letting Your Failures Separate You From Others

Recovery means overlooking the differences you may feel and regard the similarities you see. By doing this, you can stop separating yourself from others who can provide resources or information to benefit your sobriety. If you are suffering from an addiction, you may have found yourself feeling alone and talk yourself into thinking that no […]

Points to Stop Enabling Your Loved One

Points to Stop Enabling Your Loved One

Having a loved one suffer from addiction is one of the most difficult things to endure. Although they may not be sick in the traditional sense that many think of cancer, heart attack, or diabetes, they are still sick from all the symptoms that addiction brings about. What separates addiction from other illnesses is that […]

6 Ways to Say No

6 Ways to Say No

We live in a culture that pushes us to our limits in work duties and social events that keep us busy. We can find ourselves overwhelmed with trying to fulfill our professional obligations or making sure we are showing up for our loved ones. Plus, for someone who suffers from an addiction – add being […]

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