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How Does Meditation Help Addiction?


In terms of addiction recovery, meditation is often referred to as mindfulness. This state of self-awareness is beneficial to individuals in any addiction recovery program. People who meditate can often exercise greater control over thoughts and emotions and might be more equipped to monitor their thought processes. Self-awareness plays a key role in cutting through […]

All Stretched Out: Why Yoga Is Good for Addiction Recovery


Yoga may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re considering entering a detox and rehabilitation program. Yet, over the last decade, this restorative exercise technique, once the alternative therapy guru’s domain, has become more mainstream.   Although addiction requires lifelong management in much of the same way as mental health, when we […]

Being Mindful of Positive Thinking

Happy couple

Most people would agree that the way we think not only affects our behavior but also our efficiency in achieving goals. The less we believe in our capability to achieve what we set out to do, the greater the chance we have of throwing in the towel when we hit an obstacle or experience a […]

Stretching Yourself in Recovery


Yoga, which was once on the fringes of alternative medicine, is now considered a mainstream therapy in the treatment of addiction, mental health, and even chronic pain and disease management. Most detox and rehabilitation programs offer yoga to work in conjunction with individual and group counseling. One of yoga’s attractive qualities is that the barrier […]

Re-brand, Reinvent, and Re-think Yourself


We all have a relationship with ourselves and we project this perspective of ourselves onto the world at large. How we view ourselves can affect the quality of our relationships, our professional prospects, our job satisfaction, and our inner well-being or emotional health. When we experience traumatic events or must deal with the aftermath of […]

Why Are Routines Important?


Entering recovery, we are encouraged to develop new habits, new hobbies, challenging moments of boredom, new mindsets, and new personal accountability levels. However, probably the most fundamental change, underpinning all other changes, is developing a routine. Why Routines Matter Addiction is all-encompassing, as either drugs or alcohol become the central focus of a person’s day. […]

Want More Self Appreciation? Eliminate Toxic Thoughts

Toxic Thoughts

Don’t let a familiar pattern of toxic and negative thoughts dictate your actions and happiness. Often when we are stuck mentally, it can be difficult to imagine ourselves on the other side, even when we have people rooting for our success. Fixed thinking patterns don’t help us, even if they feel comfortable. Achieving goals and […]

Don’t Let A Bad Moment Ruin Your Day

Stressed senior

You know the drill. Everything is going well: you meet your goals, you get a new job, and your new haircut looks great. Then, out of the blue, a relationship breaks down, your new boss isn’t great, and you feel that despite the steps forward you have taken, you’ve taken two dozen in reverse. When […]

Negative Thoughts Do Not Have To Permeate Recovery


One of the biggest challenges of being in the throes of addiction is the negative thoughts that permeate despite trying to numb them with drugs and alcohol. Thoughts drive our actions, and if we are filled with negative thoughts, it most likely will lead to negative behaviors. Once you find recovery, you may still find […]

Reconnecting With Yourself is Vital for Long-Term Recovery


A step often forgotten or ignored in recovery is getting to know yourself again after losing your identity in the throes of your addiction. Connection to yourself can be found through tools such as meditation and self-reflection practices that provide peace and motivation for maintaining sobriety. Meditation and other practices are common in treating addiction […]

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