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Codependency Within the Family Unit

When a family member struggles with addiction, it is a natural response to want to help them. Well-intentioned as they may be, family members offering support can unknowingly create codependent relationships that ultimately hamstring the recovery journey of their loved one. Concerned family members may enable their loved one without realizing it, allowing for the […]

How to Support a Family Member in Detox

When your loved one decides to seek treatment for addiction, you may feel relieved and excited to see them get the help they desperately need. The first step in most treatment programs is detoxification. This period can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, with severe and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. As a family member, it can be […]

The Family You Create for Yourself

three female friends greeting hugging each other - one line drawing

May 15 is designated as the International Day of Families. In 1993, the General Assembly of the United Nations set this day to focus on the importance of families worldwide. For those in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, the family can factor into recovery in many ways. If you have strong family ties, […]

5 Concrete Ways to Help Someone You Love Who Struggles With Addiction

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When someone you love suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might be unsure how to help them. At The Detox Center of Colorado, we have five concrete ways to make a difference in the life of someone you love who deserves support and recovery. Whether they are still in the grips of addiction […]

The Family Medical Leave Act Covers Time Off for Addiction Treatment

FMLA family and medical leave act and stethoscope.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) came into being in 1993. Many people mistakenly believe the FMLA only covers well-known situations. These include an employee who is ill, has a new baby, or needs to care for a sick family member. However, the FMLA goes beyond that to assist those in treatment for addiction and […]

How an Appropriate Wrap-Around Support Network Helps with Substance Abuse Recovery


Our social network determines not only our outlook in life but also our outcomes. Think about two or three of your closest friends or acquaintances; chances are, you will be similar to them in how you view the world, how you view yourselves, maybe even the type of language you use.  Taking the first step […]

How to Deal with Family Afterward

Deal With Family

Once you get out of rehab or put some sober days together, you may believe that life will quickly resume once again with your family. While this may be true for some families, other families may have a harder road to travel when it comes to healing relationships. During the throes of your addiction, you […]

How Do I Leave My Kids Behind When I Go to Rehab?

leaving my kids for rehab

Besides not wanting to go, the number one reason parents turn down the offer to attend rehab is because they cannot fathom leaving their children behind. They find themselves fighting the solution for their addiction because, understandably, they want to stay and take care of their children. The thought of having someone else raise their […]

How to Use Isolation to Your Advantage

using isolation to your advantage

The last few months have been a different time for Americans, and for many people around the world, due to the global pandemic. You may have found yourself wondering how your recovery will be affected by the federal mandate to shelter in place. As sober living facilities went on lockdown and healthcare facilities shut down […]

How Do I Stop Disappointing Others Because of My Addiction?

How Do I Stop Disappointing Others Because of My Addiction?

If you are reading this and have battled addiction, there is no doubt that you have, at one time or another, felt like you were disappointing someone. Whether you did something inappropriate under the influence, committed a crime, or anything in between, human emotion will provoke disappointment from others based on your alcohol and drug […]

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