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Stretching Yourself in Recovery


Yoga, which was once on the fringes of alternative medicine, is now considered a mainstream therapy in the treatment of addiction, mental health, and even chronic pain and disease management. Most detox and rehabilitation programs offer yoga to work in conjunction with individual and group counseling. One of yoga’s attractive qualities is that the barrier […]

Will You Be My Friend? Rebuilding Our Friend Network


An essential part of recovery consists of rethinking our relationship with friends. It is an integral part of healing and should not be overlooked. Before entering treatment, your behavior reflected the choices you made as an addict. The friends with whom you had things in common may still be engaging in addictive behaviors. They may […]

Re-brand, Reinvent, and Re-think Yourself


We all have a relationship with ourselves and we project this perspective of ourselves onto the world at large. How we view ourselves can affect the quality of our relationships, our professional prospects, our job satisfaction, and our inner well-being or emotional health. When we experience traumatic events or must deal with the aftermath of […]

A Habit of a Different Kind: Why It’s Good to Start Crafting


Following detox and entering rehabilitation, we are advised and guided toward replacing unhealthy habits with new, healthy activities to counteract moments of boredom and detract from the negative thoughts that can lead to relapse. However, when we think about long term rehabilitation, how often do our minds turn to hobbies? Specifically, a quiet craft on […]

Individual vs. Group Therapy


When entering detox treatment, the recovery process should include counseling opportunities such as group and individual therapy. From a collaborative perspective, group therapy has the potential to connect people based on shared experiences. For this reason, group therapy can be a great way to discover answers to questions related to your recovery journey just from […]

After Addiction: Three Key Changes Following Detox


The abuse of alcohol and drugs claims thousands of lives every year. The decision to enter a detox program may save your life. This is something that most of us know. However, we may not know how our brain changes when we are no longer engaging in substance abuse. We’ve all heard about detox diets, […]

Five Things You Should Know About Addiction


Addiction has a devastating effect on the family members and friends of those who are addicted to a substance. Worse still is the breakdown in communication between the addict and family members, either because of deterioration in communication skills or because the person they are familiar with has changed.  A person with an addiction ceases […]

Women and Addiction. It’s All in the Mind, Right? Maybe Not.


When we think of addiction, images often spring to mind of young, sometimes disenfranchised or chronically homeless men, veterans coping with PTSD, or professionals struggling to cope beneath work stressors. While some people acknowledge women’s addiction risks, others may not. People may think women are usually on the receiving end of prescription medication for depression […]

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