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How Do I Leave My Kids Behind When I Go to Rehab?

leaving my kids for rehab

Besides not wanting to go, the number one reason parents turn down the offer to attend rehab is because they cannot fathom leaving their children behind. They find themselves fighting the solution for their addiction because, understandably, they want to stay and take care of their children. The thought of having someone else raise their […]

Tips to Stop Cravings Before They Start


Part of getting sober is trying to do whatever you can to keep withdrawal at bay and stop those pesky cravings. You never know when a craving will come up and scare you enough to think that you may need to drink or use in order to stop it. Addiction is part of your subconscious […]

How Will I Know When It’s Time to Contact Someone Who Is Angry With Me?

back in contact

Addiction makes people display behaviors and say things they would not necessarily say or do without drugs and alcohol taking away their inhibitions. This may be the understanding you have come to realize in your own sobriety at least. You might be experiencing shame and guilt from what you put friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and loved […]

Is Gaming a Bad Idea During Times of Crisis?


In the months of March and April, a shelter in place order was conducted in the United States to keep from spreading the global pandemic the world was facing. Social distancing and isolation were suggested to assist in flattening the curve for the healthcare system. This meant that with the exception of the people in […]

How to Get Organized in Recovery

How to Get Organized in Recovery

Addiction is full of chaos and lack of impulse control which can put life in disarray rather quickly. When you decide to finally get and stay sober, you may look around and see complete dishevelment in all areas of your life. With the same one day at a time mentality that you take in your […]

Step Five: Becoming Rigorously Honest


Steps One through Four are definitely rigorous, but for these steps to continue to bless your life, you must become rigorously honest in Step Five before moving on. The 12-Steps are in order for a reason. The first steps build the foundation of your recovery and the Fifth Step begins the process to make it […]

Why Support Is Essential to Staying Sober

support network

Coming into recovery can be unappealing and awkward from the start. Being around strangers who you think might not understand what you are going through is difficult, to say the least. You did not get to the point of needing help for recovery because you knew what to do. Getting help to quit using is […]

Why Do I Have to Wait a Year to Date Someone?

Why Do I Have to Wait a Year to Date Someone?

If you are new in recovery, you may be disappointed that there is a suggestion to wait a whole 365 days before getting into a relationship. This opinion, which has been around for decades, is important to comprehend because the question still remains:  why shouldn’t people date in their first year of recovery?   You […]

How to Approach a Newcomer With Social Distancing

How to Approach a Newcomer With Social Distancing

One of the phrases that have been trending for months is social distancing. Staying six feet away from others so someone does not have to go six feet under can be difficult to endure for many. As a human, you may thrive with human touch being an integral part of your life and live to […]

Does Virtual Therapy Even Work?

Does Virtual Therapy Even Work?

In today’s digital era of having everything virtual, therapy has become no different. Virtual therapy is a newer platform to help those who need therapy to get the assistance they need. Waiting weeks to get an appointment, scared of not connecting with a therapist, and the hefty costs often deter people from even starting therapy.  […]

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