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Celebrity Foundations Offer Help for Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Addiction to drugs and alcohol touches the lives of millions of people. Regardless of economic or social status, the pain and loss of life hurt everyone equally. Sometimes when a celebrity or someone they love experiences addiction, they decide to take action. The resulting foundations and groups offer help and hope to others whose lives […]

Why You Might Not Be So Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day if You Do Not Stay Sober 

Every year, people find themselves trying to stay sober, only to come into the month of March fearful of getting drunk or high on St. Patrick’s Day. The thrill of the parties and parades that take place on March 17th are phenomenal — except for people who are hard drinkers or suffer from addiction.  Trying […]

Is There a Difference Between Abstinence and Sobriety?

When life gets difficult because of addiction, cessation from drugs and alcohol is the key to a better life. Someone who abstains from drugs and alcohol is giving themselves a chance at this better life that they are hoping for. Abstinence can really promote the emergence of a dry drunk rather than someone who trying […]

Brad Pitt: Happy, Joyous, and Free!

We love it when celebrities get sober! One of the most motivating aspects of recovery is when a celebrity shares their experience, strength, and hope in the limelight. Drinking and using has brought many of us down in a demoralizing manner and it helps to know we are not alone in our despair. Although we […]

Why Can’t My Loved One Just Stop Using and Drinking?

Why Can’t My Loved One Just Stop Using and Drinking?

A frequent question that people who do not suffer from an addiction ponder is why someone who does battle addiction will not simply stop drinking and using cold turkey. The obviousness of their awful consequences does not register as to why they would continue to keep doing what they are doing when they keep getting […]

Reasons You Continue to Relapse

Reasons You Continue to Relapse

Getting sober and staying sober can be a very difficult process to endure. There are many moving targets to hit in order to keep from relapsing because you may think you can stay sober on your own which is the most difficult way to achieve sobriety. Someone who is dealing with an addiction has an […]

5 Reasons People Are Afraid to Enter Treatment for Addiction

5 Reasons People Are Afraid to Enter Treatment for Addiction

There are many sticking points between addiction and recovery. At first, most people won’t even admit they have a problem. Eventually, they may accept they have a problem and that they need help, but they may have many excuses not to get it. While some of these excuses may sound convincing, what’s typically going on […]

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