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When Chronic Pain Turns Into a Substance Use Disorder

woman in pain holding her neck

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 100 million Americans deal with chronic pain. That’s about one-third of all Americans. Chronic pain constitutes the most popular reason people end up going on disability. However, for many people, chronic pain contributes to developing an addiction to painkillers. Surveys cited by NIDA indicate that 21-29% […]

Recovery Is Being in the Same Water, Not the Same Boat

Paddling alone in the lake

Everyone has heard the expression, “We are all in the same boat.” This expression applies to many situations and can take on new meaning when thought of as an analogy for recovery. However, in recovery, not everybody is in the same boat. Instead, think of recovery as a body of water. Everyone striving to achieve and […]

The Best Tips for How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

illustration representing insurance coverage

Dealing with a substance use disorder causes a lot of difficult emotions and situations for people. Long-time abuse of alcohol and drugs can take a toll on a person’s physical health. Their mental health often feels the impact, especially if they already deal with co-occurring disorders. These can include diagnoses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, […]

What You’ve Learned From Living in the Pandemic Can Help Your Recovery

woman riding on the bus wearing a mask,covid-19,pandemic

Living through an entire year of the pandemic has proved challenging. Most people report experiencing stress, impatience, and confusion. As the pandemic began in Spring 2020, no one knew what to expect. A year later, the light at the end of the tunnel has shown itself. The rapid delivery of several vaccines to the public […]

Moving From Zoom Meetings to In-Person Support Groups

people in a support group hugging

Many people began recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol in the past year. Lots of them have only known support groups that take place on Zoom and similar meeting programs. However, society has begun to reopen due to the widespread availability of the coronavirus vaccine. As the world opens up, so are support group […]

The Family You Create for Yourself

three female friends greeting hugging each other - one line drawing

May 15 is designated as the International Day of Families. In 1993, the General Assembly of the United Nations set this day to focus on the importance of families worldwide. For those in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, the family can factor into recovery in many ways. If you have strong family ties, […]

5 Concrete Ways to Help Someone You Love Who Struggles With Addiction

man waiting for the subway train

When someone you love suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might be unsure how to help them. At The Detox Center of Colorado, we have five concrete ways to make a difference in the life of someone you love who deserves support and recovery. Whether they are still in the grips of addiction […]

Juggling Recovery While Still Working


A person who deals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can find that it’s a full-time job just staying in recovery. When they also have to hold down employment, things can seem overwhelming. Don’t give up hope of being able to do both! People often thrive under even the most difficult of circumstances. Keeping […]

Making the Move Back to Campus While In Recovery

Many college students spent the last year away from campus. Those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs may have found they experienced less temptation this way. However, as society reopens, many college campuses are preparing for an influx of students this summer and fall. Preparing for what to expect as you move back […]

How To Perform An Intervention On Yourself

chairs placed in a circle for therapy

When you picture an intervention done on someone who suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you probably envision a group of people involved. Typically, an intervention does constitute concerned family members and friends confronting a loved one. However, for some people, this scene does not come to fruition. Reasons Your Loved Ones May […]

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