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How to Get a Loved One to Go to Detox

young man in rehab detox

Before jumping to conclusions and telling your loved one they need to go to detox, find a way to motivate them. It is easy to talk about addiction when you are not the one using the substance. However, knowing that your loved one is using can help you understand their suffering on an intimate level. […]

Will You Be Angry in Detox, and Can You Control It?

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Detox is a necessary step to help you redesign your body and get rid of unhealthy toxins. The detoxification process can have an impact on the physical and emotional elements of your body. During detox, your emotions go up and down as the toxins are pushed out of your body. This can include a variety […]

Can Experimenting With Drugs Lead To Addiction?


Substance use and addiction have affected millions of lives all across the world. However, there are always questions about why and how substance use addiction begins. Truthfully, there are many beginnings to addiction, and experimentation can be one of them. It is important to understand that the stages of addiction are unique to each person […]

Determining Whether You Need a Detox Center


Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you need help in the form of a detox program when you depend on substances. In most cases, those who are dependent on or addicted to substances always benefit from a quality detox center. When determining whether detox is the right decision for you, consider the following factors. […]

Should You Have a Relapse Prevention Plan?


Relapse prevention plans are vital tools whether you go into detox, treatment, or recovery. Having a plan or goal to help you recognize certain habits or behaviors can prevent future relapse. A relapse prevention plan helps you combat previous habits or behaviors to keep you on the recovery path. The road to recovery is arduous […]

Characteristics to Consider in a Detox Center

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It is vital to your recovery path to find the right detox center for you. There are thousands of places to choose from when you want to recover from substance use. However, choosing the one that aligns with your goals and relates to your situation will better benefit your recovery goals. Learn more about what […]

Why the Mountains Are a Perfect Place to Detox

Bear Lake Trailhead, Estes Park, United States

The shelter of the mountains is the perfect place to take the first step toward giving yourself a better life: detox. With the calming mountain air and the compassionate team from Detox Center of Colorado, you will find the process easier to transition through. You deserve to have a safe and comfortable environment to detox […]

The Effects of Substances on Your Body: What They Really Do

Illuminated scan of human body part made of data and particles

The number of people struggling with substance abuse remains at an all-time high, as does the number of overdoses. With many facilities available for treatment and detox, you might question what actual effects substances have on your body. However, the effect of substances on your body is not an easily answered question.  Due to the […]

Recognizing an Addiction and How to Overcome It


When the problems and behaviors of addiction are recognized, recovery can begin. The opposite is also true: if you do not recognize those problems and behaviors, you may struggle with starting down the path to recovery. If you struggle with substance use, you may fear the recovery journey and feel that your substance use is […]

Can You Die From Withdrawal?

Illuminated scan of human body part made of data and particles

Addiction has significant power over your body and your brain, altering you physically and psychologically. Going through the detox or withdrawal process can be frightening for many of these same reasons. There are some cases where it is possible to produce life-threatening symptoms, but can you die from them? As you are seeking recovery, it […]

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