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The Benefits of Nature in Recovery

Experiencing nature can help you connect your inner being with your surroundings, yielding noticeable improvements to your overall health. Experiencing nature leads to positive physical benefits like lower blood pressure. It can also provide many mental health benefits like increased prosocial behaviors. Being outside in nature can help with addiction recovery as well. By understanding […]

Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom


Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom May 4th is “Teacher Appreciation Day.” Nearly everyone can reflect on their school days and remember a great teacher they had. It might be someone who pushed them to go the extra mile or helped foster an interest in a new subject. Teachers often are underpaid and not fully […]

How to Stay Sober During Painful Anniversaries


Staying focused on recovery from drugs and alcohol requires a person to utilize the ability to say “no” to temptation. Often, that temptation comes in the form of someone offering a substance to another. It also can result from cravings coming from old habits. A specific set of triggers can also come from painful anniversaries […]

Being Mindful of Positive Thinking

Happy couple

Most people would agree that the way we think not only affects our behavior but also our efficiency in achieving goals. The less we believe in our capability to achieve what we set out to do, the greater the chance we have of throwing in the towel when we hit an obstacle or experience a […]

What Can I Do When I Feel Alone?


There can be no doubt that the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many people. Unknown aspects of the virus, its effects, and prolonged isolation from others have caused people around the world to experience heightened levels of anxiety. When we face daily challenges associated with addiction and its underlying causes, […]

Mirror, Mirror: The Power of Self-Reflection


Self-reflection is the notion of looking back on our past, our activities, our decisions, and their outcomes. It is something we are encouraged to do when we’re in recovery or learning to manage our drive for substances. An essential part of moving forward is self-reflection. The process of self-reflection is important to recovery because it […]

Giving Yourself Permission to Accept Yourself


When we’re impacted by addiction, it’s easy to feel ashamed of our actions and their impact on others. Everywhere we turn, it’s as though we’re faced with a reminder of the person we would rather not be, rather than the person we’re trying to become. It can be challenging to see beyond where we’re at […]

Trauma Recovery: Why It’s Important

Trauma Talk

Working through addiction can be challenging. However, if some form of trauma lies beneath your addiction, recovery often presents additional challenges. In these instances, developing coping strategies to address trauma becomes as essential as dealing with the primary substance abuse issue. If trauma is the underlying cause, addressing your addiction while ignoring past trauma or […]

It’s All About Timing: Control Anxiety with a Sustainable Schedule


Want to combat anxiety or stress? Create a schedule. When we make significant and transformative changes in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed at times. As we begin working through our addiction and the pattern of dominance it holds over our time, creating new habits from large blocks of seemingly empty chasms of time can […]

Nutrition and Recovery


We don’t think about our health until our health stops working for us, usually in the form of a disease, a prolonged illness, a virus, or surgery. In all those situations, the goal is to restore our health. When recovering from addiction, it becomes even more essential to think about nutrition: the quality of food […]

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