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The Benefits of Nature in Recovery

Experiencing nature can help you connect your inner being with your surroundings, yielding noticeable improvements to your overall health. Experiencing nature leads to positive physical benefits like lower blood pressure. It can also provide many mental health benefits like increased prosocial behaviors. Being outside in nature can help with addiction recovery as well. By understanding […]

It’s All About Timing: Control Anxiety with a Sustainable Schedule


Want to combat anxiety or stress? Create a schedule. When we make significant and transformative changes in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed at times. As we begin working through our addiction and the pattern of dominance it holds over our time, creating new habits from large blocks of seemingly empty chasms of time can […]

Signs Anxiety is Ruling Your Life

Anxiety is ruling your life

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can keep a person from enjoying life. While anxiety is nothing new, there is more readily available information and less stigma when someone decides to seek treatment. The symptoms of anxiety are painful and can affect the body, mind, and soul. Stress and fear are a normal part of […]

Why Support Is Essential to Staying Sober

support network

Coming into recovery can be unappealing and awkward from the start. Being around strangers who you think might not understand what you are going through is difficult, to say the least. You did not get to the point of needing help for recovery because you knew what to do. Getting help to quit using is […]

Tips to Help You During a Natural Disaster Crisis

Tips to Help You During a Natural Disaster Crisis

Hurricane Dorian recently hit Florida, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles, and Atlantic Canada causing colossal damage. Although there was plenty of coverage and warning about the arrival of Dorian, there is immense anxiety in the anticipation of a natural disaster which also includes tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes. During these occurrences, there […]

What Entrepreneurs Can Do For Their Anxiety

What Entrepreneurs Can Do For Their Anxiety

It may seem like entrepreneurs have it all in that they are running successful companies that are making employees and customers happy. In reality, entrepreneurs deal with their anxiety just like other people in that they work long hours, have to run everything 24/7, and are responsible for any problems their companies may face. It […]

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