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Recovery Is Being in the Same Water, Not the Same Boat

Paddling alone in the lake

Everyone has heard the expression, “We are all in the same boat.” This expression applies to many situations and can take on new meaning when thought of as an analogy for recovery. However, in recovery, not everybody is in the same boat. Instead, think of recovery as a body of water. Everyone striving to achieve and […]

5 Concrete Ways to Help Someone You Love Who Struggles With Addiction

man waiting for the subway train

When someone you love suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might be unsure how to help them. At The Detox Center of Colorado, we have five concrete ways to make a difference in the life of someone you love who deserves support and recovery. Whether they are still in the grips of addiction […]

How To Perform An Intervention On Yourself

chairs placed in a circle for therapy

When you picture an intervention done on someone who suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you probably envision a group of people involved. Typically, an intervention does constitute concerned family members and friends confronting a loved one. However, for some people, this scene does not come to fruition. Reasons Your Loved Ones May […]

Turn Your Mess Into Your Message


As a person who has gone through the depths of alcohol or drug addiction, you have lived a long time through turmoil. Once you entered recovery, your life began to turn around. Sobriety often helps someone more clearly view just how messed up things were during their darker days. Memories of missed opportunities, relationships that […]

Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom


Teachers Who Work Outside the Classroom May 4th is “Teacher Appreciation Day.” Nearly everyone can reflect on their school days and remember a great teacher they had. It might be someone who pushed them to go the extra mile or helped foster an interest in a new subject. Teachers often are underpaid and not fully […]

Will You Be My Friend? Rebuilding Our Friend Network


An essential part of recovery consists of rethinking our relationship with friends. It is an integral part of healing and should not be overlooked. Before entering treatment, your behavior reflected the choices you made as an addict. The friends with whom you had things in common may still be engaging in addictive behaviors. They may […]

Five Things You Should Know About Addiction


Addiction has a devastating effect on the family members and friends of those who are addicted to a substance. Worse still is the breakdown in communication between the addict and family members, either because of deterioration in communication skills or because the person they are familiar with has changed.  A person with an addiction ceases […]

Asking for Help Can Be Hindered by Pride


Considered by many belief systems, pride can be extremely hurtful not only to yourself but more importantly, to your recovery. It can cause you to believe unrealistically about yourself and your capabilities and lead you to take risks they wouldn’t otherwise take. It can make you believe yourself invulnerable to the harms that others face. […]

How an Appropriate Wrap-Around Support Network Helps with Substance Abuse Recovery


Our social network determines not only our outlook in life but also our outcomes. Think about two or three of your closest friends or acquaintances; chances are, you will be similar to them in how you view the world, how you view yourselves, maybe even the type of language you use.  Taking the first step […]

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