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Why Should I Call A Sponsor?

Recovery gives you a huge opportunity to take help from others who know what you are going through. Although this may not seem comforting to you in early sobriety, having a person or persons who can help you navigate through your sobriety is actually a tremendous asset. The fact that someone would help you at […]

Why Listening is So Important in Recovery

Instead of listening to random voices in your head that you may have heard under the influence of drugs and alcohol, in recovery you will need to intentionally listen to how to get sober. The subject of sobriety may be foreign at first, but getting earfuls of recovery will aid in your journey.  The Dali […]

Step Three – Turning Your Will Over

As you start moving through your steps, you will get a clearer understanding that you are powerless over alcohol and begin to see you need a spiritual connection to remain sober. After this revelation, you will find yourself embarking on Step 3. This vital step can lead you in a better direction altogether because you […]

How Do I Get Outside Myself to Stay Sober?

An inside job has typically been referred to crimes committed on an organization from someone on the inside of the said organization. Today in recovery we talk about an inside job being the work we do to literally clean out our insides. From doing this inside cleaning, we can learn to stay sober without all […]

Tips to Align with Your Higher Power

Talking about connecting to a Higher Power is a hard conversation for some to be a part of. Whether your religious affiliation has left a bad taste in your mouth, you have only encountered hypocritical religious people, or you just have never been introduced to spirituality before, you should still try to see what happens. […]

Why You Might Not Be So Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day if You Do Not Stay Sober 

Every year, people find themselves trying to stay sober, only to come into the month of March fearful of getting drunk or high on St. Patrick’s Day. The thrill of the parties and parades that take place on March 17th are phenomenal — except for people who are hard drinkers or suffer from addiction.  Trying […]

Is There a Difference Between Abstinence and Sobriety?

When life gets difficult because of addiction, cessation from drugs and alcohol is the key to a better life. Someone who abstains from drugs and alcohol is giving themselves a chance at this better life that they are hoping for. Abstinence can really promote the emergence of a dry drunk rather than someone who trying […]

How to Feel Safe in a 12-Step Meeting

Going to 12-Step meetings for the first time can be a daunting event for someone who is unsure of what these meetings entail. After learning the ropes of the meetings, you attend, there is nothing worse than someone or something causing undue stress in your comfort zone. Although most people in recovery are coming together […]

I Feel Unmotivated in My Recovery. What Do I Do?

There may come a time in your recovery when you feel like it’s Groundhog Day. You are doing the same thing day in and day out, which can get you to a point of feeling completely unmotivated to do anything at all. The people you are hanging out with may start to get on your […]

How Do I Truly Become Open-Minded in Recovery?

One predominant aspect of today’s society is that everyone has an opinion and most people think they know best. In recovery, this can also be true. People who have been around 12-Step meetings often lend their best advice to help others stay sober which can often be interpreted as a cut and dry you do […]

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