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How to Support a Family Member in Detox

When your loved one decides to seek treatment for addiction, you may feel relieved and excited to see them get the help they desperately need. The first step in most treatment programs is detoxification. This period can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, with severe and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. As a family member, it can be […]

How Having a Pet Can Help When You’re in Recovery

how pets can support your recovery

If you ever had a beloved pet, you can point to the benefits of having pets in life. Whether you owned cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, or any other animals, you undoubtedly have fond memories of the pleasure they gave you. Some people do not know that pet ownership has benefits that can help […]

Reconnecting With Yourself is Vital for Long-Term Recovery


A step often forgotten or ignored in recovery is getting to know yourself again after losing your identity in the throes of your addiction. Connection to yourself can be found through tools such as meditation and self-reflection practices that provide peace and motivation for maintaining sobriety. Meditation and other practices are common in treating addiction […]

Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Fear comes in many different forms that can each keep a person from becoming healthy. When the word “healthy” is used, people usually think it means to be physically fit, but what about mental health? Self-care does not necessarily mean only taking care of the outside of a person with a pedicure or working out, […]

How to Use Isolation to Your Advantage

using isolation to your advantage

The last few months have been a different time for Americans, and for many people around the world, due to the global pandemic. You may have found yourself wondering how your recovery will be affected by the federal mandate to shelter in place. As sober living facilities went on lockdown and healthcare facilities shut down […]

Esteemable Acts: Self-Care

Once you get into recovery, you may realize that you have to relearn how to implement healthy practices into your life once again such as self-care. People who find themselves with an addiction often do not take care of themselves at all while they are in drinking and using. They would rather maintain their high […]

How Do I Deal with My Emotions after a Shooting?

How Do I Deal with My Emotions after a Shooting?

The unfortunate part of the news today is that there are tons of heartbreaking stories that bring down the morality of society. In August, the El Paso shooting was another incident that has brought more unnecessary pandemonium to the country. Chaos ensues from a shooting that can leave someone overwhelmed with depression and anxiety. To […]

9 Reasons Self-Care is Important to Maintain

9 Reasons Self-Care is Important to Maintain

How someone takes care of themselves varies from each person depending on their own specific needs. On a fundamental basis, self-care means that you are connecting the body, mind, and spirit as a whole to find personal symmetry. Seeking the right kind of balance in your self-care is important and necessary to find an introspective […]

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