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Don’t Let A Bad Moment Ruin Your Day

Stressed senior

You know the drill. Everything is going well: you meet your goals, you get a new job, and your new haircut looks great. Then, out of the blue, a relationship breaks down, your new boss isn’t great, and you feel that despite the steps forward you have taken, you’ve taken two dozen in reverse. When […]

Think Before You Speak: Curbing Angry Responses

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation.

Living with addiction demands our priorities as well as our mental and emotional well-being. When we cannot meet the desire for immediate gratification, our emotional state can make it difficult to respond appropriately to close family members or friends. Additionally, if regular communication between your parents involved shouting, angry outbursts, and harmful words, you may […]

How Mantras Can Help Your Recovery


One of the greatest mindfulness-based practices that you can use in your recovery as you rediscover who you are without your addiction is meditation. Meditation allows you to clear your mind and take a step back from the negative thoughts that can distract you from recovery. A tool that can help in the beginning phases […]

Why Mindfulness and Meditation Will Work During COVID-19

Why Mindfulness and Meditation Will Work During COVID-19

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, which has caused many people to feel more anxiety than ever. One great thing that the recovery world has to offer is the ability to take out our spiritual toolkit and start using the resources that we have strategically placed inside for times just like these. A […]

Tips to Stop Cravings Before They Start


Part of getting sober is trying to do whatever you can to keep withdrawal at bay and stop those pesky cravings. You never know when a craving will come up and scare you enough to think that you may need to drink or use in order to stop it. Addiction is part of your subconscious […]

How Do I Achieve Mindfulness in My Recovery?

How Do I Achieve Mindfulness in My Recovery?

One of the methods that helps someone to stay sober is to find the peace that they have been searching for. Turning to drugs and alcohol is often a way that people try to find solace from the pressures they feel in their life. What happens to someone who suffers from an addiction, is the […]

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