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Nutrition and Recovery


We don’t think about our health until our health stops working for us, usually in the form of a disease, a prolonged illness, a virus, or surgery. In all those situations, the goal is to restore our health. When recovering from addiction, it becomes even more essential to think about nutrition: the quality of food […]

Want More Self Appreciation? Eliminate Toxic Thoughts

Toxic Thoughts

Don’t let a familiar pattern of toxic and negative thoughts dictate your actions and happiness. Often when we are stuck mentally, it can be difficult to imagine ourselves on the other side, even when we have people rooting for our success. Fixed thinking patterns don’t help us, even if they feel comfortable. Achieving goals and […]

How Can Someone Get Sober When They Are in Denial?


Only a small percentage of people decide to get sober on their own. Without having some significant ramifications that occur directly from their drug and alcohol use, many people choose to stay in their active addiction. The ease and comfort of alcoholism or addiction can keep a person from seeing that they are doing damage […]

Preparing for Difficult Conversations: Five Things to Think About

Mental Health

Making transitions in life can be difficult, especially when it involves having conversations about aspects of our life we may have previously hidden. Sometimes, we struggle to function while our addiction and challenges remain out of sight. The stigma attached to mental health may mean suffering in silence for extended periods. Behaviors—good or bad—that others […]

Don’t Let A Bad Moment Ruin Your Day

Stressed senior

You know the drill. Everything is going well: you meet your goals, you get a new job, and your new haircut looks great. Then, out of the blue, a relationship breaks down, your new boss isn’t great, and you feel that despite the steps forward you have taken, you’ve taken two dozen in reverse. When […]

Think Before You Speak: Curbing Angry Responses

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation.

Living with addiction demands our priorities as well as our mental and emotional well-being. When we cannot meet the desire for immediate gratification, our emotional state can make it difficult to respond appropriately to close family members or friends. Additionally, if regular communication between your parents involved shouting, angry outbursts, and harmful words, you may […]

Making Friends After Rehab

Friends hanging out at home

Understanding the changes that need to take place in sobriety is essential to recovery. One of those changes is who you choose to spend your time with. When you were active in your addiction, the friends you hung around with probably drank and used as heavily as you did. You and your drinking and using […]

What Should I Do During a Panic Attack?


It is not unusual to become stressed when making significant changes in your life, with unknown challenges lying ahead. As you work with your counselor or therapist, it is essential to talk about your stress levels, including any anxiety you are having. When discussing past trauma and events, experiencing asthma-like symptoms or difficulty swallowing is […]

What Are the Common Fears Surrounding Rehab?

Fears Surrounding Rehab

Someone who desperately needs to receive treatment from drugs and alcohol may put up a fight or refuse to go simply because of fear. They may have devised up some misgivings about what attending a rehabilitation center will be like based on what they believe will happen – not on the reality of what actually […]

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